Sunday, May 17, 2009

International fraud ring based in Queens

From NY1:

Police say a city-based identity theft and credit fraud ring with roots in Nigeria, stole thousands of personal identities from people across the U.S. and Canada, racked up charges on individual accounts, and shipped forged credit cards to eager buyers worldwide, including in Japan, India, Saudi Arabia and Ireland.

"We think they have this sort of reach. It's international in scope," said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Kelly and Queens District Attorney Richard Brown say the ring was based in Queens and broken up after a 21-month operation in which police recovered card-making equipment, cash and credit reports.

They say banks and individuals on both sides of the border have already lost $15 million in the scheme.


Anonymous said...

Please,keep the illegals coming!

Anonymous said...

I had a run-in with them several years ago.

Sprint called me about an $80.00 phone bill I had not paid. When I politely announced that AT&T was my carrier, and that I never made long-distance calls they told me the calls were to Nigeria.

Call your local phone carrier today and ask that your phone be, "Frozen at the Switch," Otherwise, any Tom, Dick or Harry can change your service without anything in writing from you. Doing this, or removing Long Distance coverage entirely and using phone cards is one way to stop a notorious scam.

Anonymous said...

yeah and we don't have a illegal issue here in queens. let's keep educating them on their rights and teaching them to speak english, so they can know how to fuck amercia.


Taxpayer said...

I believe that the headquarters for this fraud ring is located in Manhattan, in City Hall, in the Office of the Commissar.

It is he who insolently persists in defying the will of the people and federal law by providing sanctuary for the illegal aliens who he encourages to fleece the taxpayers who make their stay here possible.

Let's take back control and dump this lying dwarf.

Why should we pay one more dollar so he can continue to allow (encourage) these illegal aliens to defy all laws?

Dump the jackbooted thug Commissar on November 3. Take back control!

Wade Nichols said...

But I thought diversity was our strength?

Or are Nigerians now perpetrating frauds that Americans no longer are willing to do?

Anonymous said...

No, Wade, they're just picking up the scraps our native scamsters like Madoff overlooked.

Anonymous said...

Trust me there's more than "scraps" involved. I detailed my personal experience with a Nigerian phone rip-off earlier.

Nigerians also lead the world in internet rip-offs, the famous emails and letters where they solicit help laundering illicit cash.

60 minutes did a whole segment on that one a few months ago. These are sharp cookies, well able to pluck the teeth from your head.