Thursday, May 14, 2009

Illegal dumping on Barnett Avenue

From the NY Times:

Illegal dumping on the sloping ground that sits between the park’s fence and Barnett Avenue has long been a problem, and a neglected one.

In March 2008, help seemed on its way when a meeting was held to discuss the problem, attended by representatives from the city’s transportation, sanitation and parks departments.

“There was a lot of talk, a lot of promises,” Mr. Conley said. Among the planned improvements were sewage system repairs, tree planting and eventually a sidewalk.

But a month ago, Mr. Conley and Mr. Staunton were told that the project, set to be completed in 2012, would be postponed for budget reasons. In response, Mr. Staunton increased his e-mailing and phone calls to the mayor’s office. Jennifer Manley, the Queens liaison from the mayor’s office, was able to cobble together some assistance for the area.

Some city agencies will be chipping in later this week, providing maintenance workers and machinery to haul away the heavy appliances that find their way onto the stretch, and to level out the soil enough to create a walkway. And on May 16, residents will clear out the remaining small litter and plant flowers and shrubs along the path.


Anonymous said...

What is the big deal? These are middle class whining people making noise over a quality of life issues.

Every hack knows quality of life brings in no income, gets no votes, and is a never ending running sore that makes them look bad.

If these white Archies and Ediths are ignored (as they can be because no one will run for office, publish a paper that is not in the pocket of the boys, or appoint someone not 'safe' to the community board), they will move, die off, and certainly no one willing to move into a community that looks like a dump (and replace them) will care.

Problem solved.

Now if they really wanted to take care of this, there is plenty of money out there. These people do pay taxes.

The problem is the clubhouse has decided it shouldn't benefit them.

Instead it goes towards things like Sunnyside's Thalia Theatre, a tweeder cultural (and future landmark location) that every year gets $100,000s of public money to support Spanish language plays that help to make the boro a friendly place for a targeted tweeded group.

THATS the ticket!

Anonymous said...

How about the $500,000 spent restoring the Sunnyside Arch so there is a nice backdrop for Manton Square or what ever.

When pressed District Manager of CB2 said it was good and he could see no problems as it was not only for the arch, but the trees, sidewalks, payoffs ....

.... well he did not say the last but I wanted to see if you were awake.