Thursday, May 21, 2009

Help Crappy rewrite these lyrics

Take a look at the original song lyrics and then rewrite the ditty and post your version in the comments. I'll try to get someone to record it and then we can play it over and over throughout the 2009 NYC mayoral campaign.

Thank you to Mr. Angry for bringing this song to my attention.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA I'll be singing that chorus all weekend! Bye, bye Bloomberg!

Phil said...

My name is Michael Bloomberg
And I own a private jet.
I weekend in the Bahamas
No one has followed me yet.
In every town I visit there
Folks must think I'm really swell.
'Cause every time I leave a town,
I get a fond farewell.

Every time I fly away,
People smile, and they say,
"Bye bye, Bloomberg."

It's a shame I have to go,
Seeing as how they miss me so.
Bye bye, Bloomberg.

Once I took a trip with Michael Cohen.
No one even noticed he was goin'.
Me they smashed across the head,
With champagne, and they said,
"Bloomberg, bye bye."

Extended my two terms to three,
But the public says to me,
“Bye bye, Bloomberg.”

Bill Thompson calls me on the phone,
He just won’t leave me alone – sings,
“Bye bye, Bloomberg.”

Christine says, "What can I help with next, sir?"
She’s assured that I’ll always protect her.
And each night before bed, as Diana lays down her head,
She sings "Bloomberg, bye bye."

Took a trip to Astoria.
They don't say hello to ya,
Just "Bye bye, Bloomberg."

In Glen Oaks and Bellerose,
No matter where a fella goes,
Bye bye, Bloomberg.

Even in the Bronx when I fly by,
The Yankees always stand there waving bye-bye.
And you'll see when I'm really gone,
In neon lights at Woodlawn,
"Bloomberg, bye bye."

Beloved Bloomberg,
Oh Bloomberg,
Ah bye-bye.