Friday, May 22, 2009

Fireworks to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Queensboro Bridge

From the Daily News:

The 7,449-foot span is being feted over the next few weeks with an array of tributes, exhibits, lectures and tours coordinated by the NYC Bridge Centennial Commission.

The main event is a historic reenactment of the first ride over the bridge, complete with politicians in period dress, antique cars and a nighttime fireworks show on May 31.

Philip Butler of Grucci Fireworks promised a program that will be "short and sweet with maximum entertainment impact."

"There will be eight different firings of '100,'" he said, referring to pyrotechnic numerals to commemorate the bridge's 100th birthday. "Hopefully, no matter where you are standing, '100' will be there in front of your eyes."

Local historians and civic activists hope the pomp and circumstance also prompts New Yorkers to recognize the bridge's own unique beauty and history.

I'd also like to thank the Daily News for choosing a shot that shows the decrepitude of the shoreline at Queensbridge Park.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you are lucky to see the bridge in Queens, especially after Suna builds his 'public access job creation project' and blocks the view with a 5 story wall.

Look on the bright side, Queens.

You will still see the bridge from the public parks that will line the waterfront in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Some places in this city have real civic activism.

Missing Foundation said...

Don't be so bitter.

Sure your taxes will be diverted to 'higher and better purposes' and no longer support schools and hospitals and fire houses and police officers that are there (on paper) for your family.

And the sanitation pickups are being cut back and the lights dim with a grid designed when Truman was in the White House.

But look at the bright side.

While your streets are being filled with 'New Americans', your buildings run-down with city policies (with the complicity of the toothless presevation community) that all but encourages illegal overcowding from absentee landlords and the feeling of general neglect and decay stalk your filthy streets (newspapers with beaming local politicans blowing in the wind adds a nice touch) ...

you can be confident that your money is being spent by Bloomturd to help HIS people move into wonderful towers with wonderful views and wonderful bike lanes and wonderful street trees.

You freakking morons, according to polls, are voting for him.

So you get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

I thought the city didn't have any money. Interesting how they found the money for fireworks.

georgetheatheist said...

I can't wait. "Politicians in period dress". Eric Gioia with a derby? Helen Sears with a bustle? Ooo, it doesn't get more exciting than that! Where's my camera? They're just like movie stars!

Queens Crapper said...

Catsimatidis funds fireworks for Queensboro Bridge bashGristedes Foods owner John Catsimatidis will fund the fireworks display at the May 31 centennial celebration of the bridge, which connects Long Island City to midtown Manhattan. The New York City Bridge Centennial Commission, which is commemorating the 100th anniversary of six city bridges, was having difficulty raising money for fireworks at the event under the current economic climate, spokesman Josh Knoller said.

But Catsimatidis stepped in and paid the entire cost for the display, Knoller said.

linda said...

you know anonymous why don't you get the fxxk off QUEENS CRAPPER, since all you like to do is insult us here in queens. not all of us sit back and do nothing and soon all the dumb asses will be out of their seats come election. that includes your ass wipe bloomberg......

Thank You Linda said...

you know anonymous why don't you get the fxxk off QUEENS CRAPPER, since all you like to do is insult us here in queens. not all of us sit back and do nothing and soon all the dumb asses will be out of their seats come election. that includes your ass wipe bloomberg......


Truth hurts, eh?

I will remember this when Blumturd wins in a landslide and a clear majority in Queens helps him.

But I do look on the bright side. At least your dander is up. Directed at the person making fun of you, true, but like the old adage of the dog walking on its hind legs, the point is not how its done, but its done at all.

I'll be back!

ew-3 said...

Be interesting to make public a budget from 100 years ago. See what small government cost, just for old times sake.

Anonymous said...

"You freakking morons, according to polls, are voting for him."
"you know anonymous why don't you get the fxxk off QUEENS CRAPPER"

O Foundationless! O linda!
You are both such charmers. It will not be hard for future generations to understand why your views are timelessly marginal.

linda said...

your a bunch of morons, sorry asshole your the one that's an moron, don't even have the balls to list a name. i don't believe any of your dumb ass remarks, most likely bloomass staff.

panzer65 said...

The 59th Street Bridge song;
"Feelin' Groovy"
..Simon & Garfunkel.

georgetheatheist said...

The lyrics to that "song" have absolutely nothing to do with the bridge: Queensmen Semen and Gofuckle are just about the most overrated musicians that ever came down the pike.

Ridgewoodian said...

georgetheatheist Semen and Gofuckle are just about the most overrated musicians that ever came down the pike.Okay, dear George, enlighten us. Who does Chairman Rand let you listen to? Try to convince us that Rachmaninoff was first rate.

georgetheatheist said...

Continuing your off-topic palaver: Ayn Rand was a great fan of Swing music. It's ebullience, she maintained, was the musical embodiment of the exhuberant philosophy of Reason. Life-affirming Capitalism just makes you want to jitter-bug across your life-span. Did you know that in Hitler's Germany, signs were posted on restaurant/music hall walls that read "Swingtanzen verboten"?

Rand was also a great fan of the cha-cha. Following the intellectual gatherings of her followers in her apartment on Manhattan's East 34th Street, the meetings would end with cha-cha dancing. Why? Because Rand maintained, and I agree with her, that the Cha-Cha is the most intellectual of all dances: "One-two-cha-cha-cha. Three-four-cha-cha-cha". See, Objectivism in its full-flowering terpsichorean aspect.

Ridgewoodian, you've got to get out more and have some fun with your life.

georgetheatheist said...

Plus, your photo shows you definitely need to lose some weight. Swing, Cha-Cha, et al. will definitely help.

Hell Gate Kid said...

Ah, George, nothing beats a polka in my book.

georgetheatheist said...

Hell Gate, you're right!. You know, I do a lot - a lot -of ballroom/latin dancing in the NY metropolitan region: Charisma Ballroom in Kew Gardens Hills, Garden Jewish Center in Flushing, Lorenz Latin Dance on Myrtle Avenue, Manhattan Ballroom Society on Lexington Avenue, Mark Ballroom in Chelsea, and many, many more venues. But..but...the most exciting place to dance in my opinion is at the Bayway Polish Home in Elizabeth, NJ (right over the Goethals Bridge). This is the Capitol of Polka Dancing in the Northeast. (Check it out: Unfortunately, polka dancing has the reputation as being corny. But you should listen to the latest bands' recordings: Jimmy Sturr, Brave Combo, et al. AND, trust me on this - I am an experienced dancer - Polka dancing is THE most aerobic dance there is. More so than a fast Foxtrot, Quickstep, or Peabody. Polka dancing has the highest Beats-Per-Minute ratio of all the dances. It's great aerobics. Forget about treadmills at the gym. You'll definitely live to a ripe old age dancing to Polka tunes. (BTW, the opposite end of the aerobic dance spectrum is Bolero and Argentine Tango.)

You want to live longer? Seriously, eat fish and dance the Polka.

Ridgewoodian said...

georgetheatheist Continuing your off-topic palaver…

Which off-topic palaver would that be? My juvenile name calling of one of the better American songwriters of the last fifty years and his sometimes harmonizing partner? Not that I insist that you love, love, love Paul Simon but, “Semen and Gofuckle”? Come on, George. That was WEAK and unworthy of a rational man.

I did, in fact, know about “Swing tanzen verboten!” I even own a four CD box set with that title, documenting swing music in the Third Reich and occupied Europe.

Didn’t know about Rand’s dancing proclivities. Swing music I can take or leave but I don’t hold it against her. I do, however, find it difficult to take seriously any philosopher who doesn’t like Beethoven.

I like Brave Combo a lot and have a few of their albums. But as a true Son of Connecticut I have a soft spot in my heart for Dick Pillar and his Polkabration band. I even met the man a few times back in my younger days.

As for my hottt manly physique, thanks for caring. But if you want to help - support more and better bike lanes in Queens so I can ride to work safely under my own muscle power. But THAT certainly is off topic.

georgetheatheist said...

"Hello lampost, whatcha' knowin'?
"I come to watch ya flowers growin'
Ain'tcha got no rhymes for me?
Doo it doo, doo, feelin' groovy.
Ba da da da da da da feelin' groovy."

The 59th Street Bridge song has absolutely nothing to do with the Q-Bridge.

Pure unadulterated S & G dreck!

Ridgewoodian said...

georgetheatheist The 59th Street Bridge song has absolutely nothing to do with the Q-Bridge.Being a little reductive, aren't we George? I mean, the "Star Spangled Banner" doesn't mention AMERICA or democracy or republican virtue, yet it's our national anthem.

I don't know the circumstances under which Simon wrote the song. But I wouldn't be surprised if it first came to him on the bridge. I've always imagined him as on his way back to Queens after having gotten lucky in Manhattan. But that's just me.

georgetheatheist said...

Have a nice day. [I gotta get outta here.]