Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dem candidates have a tough road ahead

From Gotham Gazette:

...for Thompson, it's going to take a lot more than attending rallies. The latest Quinnipiac University poll numbers show Bloomberg beating Thompson 49 percent to 35 percent. Among African American voters, who many consider to be Thompson's base, only 44 percent know enough about the candidate to form an opinion. Only 28 percent of Democrats who know who Thompson is have a favorable opinion of him.

The mayor's approval rating, as of March, was at 64 percent. Even with increased property taxes and reduced services, a divisive term limits battle and a proposal to raise the sales tax, Bloomberg, say political observers, is practically unbeatable. He has already spent about $7.5 million, which is more than Thompson can spend for the entire primary if he participates in public financing.

From The Politicker:

Tony Avella, a councilman from Queens who is unknown to most New York voters, is delighted by the decreasingly ridiculous-sounding prospect of being the unchallenged Democratic nominee to take on Mike Bloomberg for mayor.

"The day Mike Bloomberg succeeded in overturning term limits, one of the political reporters called me and said, 'Do you realize there is a good possibility you'll be it, because you'll be the last person standing?'"

He laughed, before turning momentarily serious.

"I look forward to running against Mike Bloomberg," he said. "If there is no primary, that's all the better."


Anonymous said...

Tony Avella for Mayor, the only city council member who voted against the 25% pay hike and refuse the money. JOHN LIU THE LYING CROOK took the money like the rest of them.

Anonymous said...


Everyone I know will vote for you!!

Hang Bloomass out to dry.

Anonymous said...

This is depressing. We need a wedge between this arrogant prune faced prick and the public - something to go on the offensive.

Something that makes Blumturd's money irrelevant.

Something that is toxic that automatically comes to mind every time his name is mentioned.

Someone, like Ms Troy, that is ready to placard the city with an image that would lampoon this buffoon.


Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Hey Queens Crap so tired I posted this under the wrong here I am in the right spot. Thanks as always for your blog as a place to read and speak up.

Tony Avella actually show up to speak up because he cares
posted by SUZANNAH B. TROY

Tony Avella shows up to eminent domain abuse rallies and there are many under the Bloomberg administration because he favors pushing out the people from their communities for his friends and in NYU's case NYU doesn't even need to use and abuse eminent domain to get the job done. I have demanded NYU give us community outreach resource centers in every mega dorm where they busted through zoning using the term community facility and they exclude the community. These centers should be in the front of the buildings so students see and get involved in helping community members and small businesses remain in their community.

The term media whore is offensive for many reasons and Tony Avella shows up and that takes so much patience and time, he speaks up which takes guts and if you do not get media coverage how do you get your message out and sadly people like Mort Zuckerman that owns the NY Daily news writes letters on behalf of Mike Bloomberg to stay in office a third term and The New York eminent domain Times acts like Mike and his socialite mega millionaire city planner are on their board.

Mike Bloomberg's ads are Orwellian and he thinks if he repeats he helps the poor and middle classes rather than crush them we will believe it. He thinks giving loans to small businesses that are being crushed by his tsunami of community crushing development will help them rather than send them further in to debt.

The bottom line is Mike Bloomberg's "NEW" hideous NY is like he NEW hideous Yankee Stadium, New Yorker's can't afford it.

Tony Avella for mayor

I have done a series of youtubes starting with Mayor Bloomberg King of New York. I have an old school political poster I hand painted lampooning King Mike as well as youtubes talking about his Orwellian ad campaign and my newest show 'Bloombergs Streets of New York" which are in horrifying condition.
My newest shows 311 and the 911 call they transfer me to for a hole in the street that goes down 3 and half to 4 feet deep have done nothing for the safety of people so I ask a Con Ed worker for a cone to warn people of the danger. Mike Blooomberg's New York -- no thank you.
Suzannah B. Troy

LINDA said...

Hey Avella has my vote! hopefully with him in office first on the agenda is to overturn Bloomass term limits and we can start to rid of the morons in there. First one I want out is that racist bastard Barron, calling us here in Maspeth a bunch of white racist, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.. We need fresh new faces in council and hopefully not ones that get raped by developers.. TIME TO CLEAN UP HOUSE!!

Anonymous said...

I think Avella is going to shock a lot of people. He's going to do great!

He's got more balls than Bloomscum can ever hope for. And I'll bet Bloomslime is nervous too.

Anonymous said...

Well, you guys are going to need a bit more than wishful thinking.

You need a plan....

Anonymous said...

Need a plan, no avella needs our support in votes. we can help him by telling everyone we know to vote for him and they can tell someone and so on.. everyone is sick of the mayor and his bullshit. oh and i'm sure in queens, bronx, brooklyn and staten island are sick of him and their council people. can't say much for manhattan, i know the artist is done with him, but most of the stuck up rich want to keep him. tax the rich, tax the cigars and you'll see them all screaming.

Anonymous said...

This is going to be an interesting election. Perhaps a bit David v. Goliath...and we all know the outcome to that one! The bigger they are, the harder they fall!!!

Avella has my vote and I am spreading the word. Go try it. People are listening and a grassroots effort might just be the thing that this city needs to wake everyone up to what is REALLY happening all around when no one was paying attention. The truth is out there.

Anonymous said...

All Avella has to do is expose Bloombutt for the developer's whore that he is.
EVERYONE it seems has been affected by this "community crushing" development.
Did you see all of those phony commercials of him "talking" with regular people on the street?

Come on, Bloomscuz! Even YOU have to see how ludicrous (and phony)you look.

Anonymous said...

All Avella has to do ...

He has my vote and I will tell everyone ...








ACT UP!!!!!!

Taxpayer said...

Here's my prediction:

On January 1, 2010, Tony Avella will be sworn in as the next Mayor of NYC.

Even if the Commissar never existed at all, Avella will be the best choice!

It's our time to have a mayor who will manage the city agencies rather than trying to control us citizen taxpayers for the benefit of super wealthy developers.

Time to bulldoze the Commissar and all his staff and appointees. Time to dump the grubby developers.

Does any sane New Yorker want to keep seeing this turtle-faced, tantrum-throwing cheesy liar even one more moment?

Use November 3rd to take control. Dump the Commissar. Let's open the windows and let in fresh air with Tony Avella!

Anonymous said...

You have a better chance of having ELVIS coming to your house for dinner, than Tony Avella has of becoming Mayor of NYC.
Give me a break.
Get real.

Anonymous said...


You suck and you always will.

Anonymous said...

You have a better chance of having ELVIS coming to your house for dinner, than Tony Avella has of becoming Mayor of NYC.
Give me a break.
Get real.


Unless you get your act together people he is right. You are going to need more than wishful thinking and a knight coming to your rescue.

I despise Bloomturd, but you are going to have to get agressivly creative out there.

Anonymous said...

"You have a better chance of having ELVIS coming to your house for dinner, than Tony Avella has of becoming Mayor of NYC.
Give me a break.
Get real."

Evan...Momma's callin'. Time to change her. Don't forget the talc this time!!!

Anonymous said...

Evan...Momma's callin'. Time to change her. Don't forget the talc this time!!!

sounds like the kind of voltage found in eastern queens.

Anonymous said...

and eastern queens rocks

Anonymous said...

Who's Evan??? IS he related to Elvis.

Freaks said...

Man, that photo is a great example of a freak show.