Friday, May 8, 2009

Dealership comes under fire for bad driving

From the Daily News:

Residents are outraged at the city for allowing a Mercedes-Benz dealership to use a previously blocked driveway on Station Road - a move that they say now has commercial traffic zooming through their quiet neighborhood.

Station Road "is no more than 17-feet wide and it's one-way," said Chrissy Voskerichian, co-president of the Station Road Civic Association. "It was meant to have residential traffic only."

The driveway for Helms Bros. Mercedes-Benz, at the corner of Auburndale Lane, was blocked by a Jersey barrier until April 3.

That day, Rhea O'Gorman, co-president of the civic group, said she saw a Helms Bros. tow truck drag one side of the barrier three feet from its position.

After learning it had been left crooked in the road, the city Transportation Department removed the barrier altogether later that day.

Four days later, cars from Helms Bros. were taking advantage of the new exit and going down Station Road - the wrong way - to avoid using the dealership's busy Northern Blvd. exit, Voskerichian said.

The Transportation Department had put up the barrier in September 2006 after denying the dealership's request for a curb cut.


Anonymous said...

This dealership has always been a problem to the neighborhood for one reason or another.

Anonymous said...

The SERVICE building for Helms Mercedes Benz on Auburndale Lane and Station Road (in Flushing) is 2 blocks from Northern Blvd. There is no entrance on Norther Blvd. to this building. Yes, it is in a quiet, residential area, but there is also a Toyota service here, along with a few warehouses, all of these are accessible from Auburndale Lane. It is impossible that cars were using Station Road to avoid Northern Blvd., since they run parallel to each other 2 blocks apart at this location.

The DEALERSHIP for Helms MB pictured in this post is on Northern Blvd. and Oceania St. in Bayside. About a mile and a half from the service location.

You have no idea WTF you're talking about in this article.,+Flushing,+NY+11361+(Mercedes-Benz)&geocode=CRAUD_kzHvnxFSTubQIdrkma-yHVr2FU1co61A&dirflg=&saddr=station+road+%26+auburndale+lane,+New+York+11358&f=d&dq=mercedes+loc:+New+York+11358&sll=40.791289,-73.815837&sspn=0.312089,0.435582&cid=15292758502282473429&ie=UTF8&ll=40.759481,-73.79449&spn=0.003982,0.007221&t=h&z=17

Queens Crapper said...

Who are you talking to? Me? Or the Daily News who wrote the article? I just found a photo of Helms Bros to accompany the article. I didn't write it.

Anonymous said...

The Station Road Civic Association consists of a couple of frustrated housewives with nothing better to do than to stir up problems for a thriving business. The Civic Association is jealous of the success of Helms Bros. and has been harassing the dealership for years. Get a life, ladies.

Anonymous said...

My home is in close proximity of Helms Brother's Mercedes Benz. The barrier has been down for almost six weeks and I have not seen a single car driving down Station Rd the wrong way. I really don't see what the fuss is all about. If you ask me, The Civic Association's primary concern should be the hundreds of feral cats in the neighborhood around 171st St. and Station Rd. Someone is obviously feeding them and they are breeding like rats. It has gotten so bad the neighborhood actually smells on very hot and humid days. Report the problem today! Call 311, call the Police, & call our Senator Frank Padavan. If enough of us complain maybe we can urge the city to have this public health threat and nuisance eliminated. The feral cats are destroying the neighborhood and it is about time something be done about it!

Anonymous said...

yes yes a few extra cats are more dangerous than extra traffic on station rd you asswipes
stop sucking helms dick for maybe a second and maybe youll see that