Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Crime plunges at Jamaica High School

From the NY Post:

Jamaica HS, once considered one of the city's most dangerous schools, is on the rebound.

Complaints of violent crimes at the Queens school plunged 81 percent last year, to five from 27 the year before.

And superintendent suspensions of students plummeted 39 percent over two years, to 40 last year from 66 in 2006.

The turnaround occurred after Jamaica was designated a troubled school in January 2007. That prompted the city to institute Mayor Bloomberg's rescue program, which boosts NYPD manpower as well as academic support.

The school, housed in a spacious landmarked building, is staffed by 11 school safety agents, two cops and an NYPD supervisor. Everyone passes through a scanner when entering the building.

School leadership also changed. Walter Acham, who was installed as the new principal, brought in a new assistant principal for security and revamped the guidance department.

Here is more on the overall reduction in school crime.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break! Those scanners were brought in when Barbara Pleener was the Principal. That was a long time ago. The press has always stomped on Jamaica High School.

It is a great school with dedicated and talented teachers. The media should stop their harrassment of this fine institution.

Anonymous said...

More compstat fudgeing.robberies down 50%.........petit larcenies up 50%............get it?

Anonymous said...

jamaica high school is a good and great school! sooo if u wanna say something negative about it.................why don't you come make it better! if you soooo think you know tooo much!! this school is full of competitive and intelligent students with a caring staff and Pricipal!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #3, Are you kidding? I hope that you realize that an inability to use proper punctuation, capitalization and spelling in a high-school educated person is a very serious failing and undermines everything that you say.

Please note that modern word processing equipment includes spelling and grammar checks. Try writing out your thoughts in Word, and then cut and pasting to an open window in the blog of your choice.

Otherwise, I will have to compare your atrocious grammar to the correct English of my 5th-grade educated father and laugh at you.

You certainly make an excellent argument for firing the entire staff of Jamaica High School, starting with the English Department.

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up to become a school security gurard? those girls are hot!

Azizur said...