Monday, May 11, 2009

Cambria Heights teardown crap

How would you like to have a sign welcoming people to your town with this eyesore as a backdrop? This old Victorian house was unfortunately allowed to fall into disrepair. It's located at 119-03 Springfield Blvd. and its 1979 C of O says it was used for agricultural purposes.

I believe as of late it was used as a garden supply. It's in the middle of a completely residential neighborhood and is situated on a huge piece of property (lot = 25,500 square feet). Records show this used to be part of the Fausner farm.

Last month, a violation was issued for work without a permit when the garage on this property was demolished illegally. A mechanical demolition permit was issued just last Thursday. What will the Bayside developer who owns this property do with it? My guess is that he is clearing the land to make it more attractive to a potential buyer.


Guess Who? :) said...

Wow, what a stunning building - pre civil war certainly.

Why is there no landmark application?

Funny how they want to landmark Peurto Rican shacks in the Bronx.

Oh I get it, the Queens Preservation Alliance did not think it worthy (BTW, how many people from this neighborhood are members and had a hand in that descision)?

Anonymous said...

Not important. That is the way they do things in preservation.

Queens Crapper said...

There was a landmarking application filed some time ago but it was put in the circular file by the LPC.

Queens Crapper said...

Also, as an R2A property, it could only be developed with 6 detached houses unless a variance was applied for and issued.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid (70's into the 80's), this house was a garden supply. We used to buy our plants and vegetables there. Such a shame it fell into disrepair; it was one of the only original victorians in the area. I hope it does not get replaced by ugly homes.