Monday, May 18, 2009

4 more Queens schools closed

From Newsday:

The schools include P.S. 209 and P9, a school for students with disabilities, both in Whitestone. P.S. 19 in Corona and P.S. 32 in Flushing were also closed.

Collectively, at least 103 students from the schools complained of influenza-like symptoms.

And they're watching a school in Staten Island.

Brooklyn is also nervous.

More from NY1.


Vladic said...

Check it out, google map of swine flu:

We'll be updating this as more closing come in. Feel free to give us your own tips in the comments.

Taxpayer said...

Let's demand that Commissar DEATH and Taxes spend 8 hours each day in each of these suspect schools.

Since he practices medicine without a license, he'll know what to do to stay healthy.

First, he must answer the question: Do you have any preexisting conditions that make you susceptible to the swine flu.

We already know that he is amenable to swine. Look at his appointees.

If he refuses to spend 8 hours a day in each school, we know that we have to dump this bacteria on November 3.

Anonymous said...

What about IS 73 in Maspeth. They all showed up on the school's door step for a press conference, but didn't close this school. I heard hundreds of kids were absent. Hello -- does anyone care?

linda said...

lmao, do they care about IS 73 NO.. bloomass and his staff put on a good show, but if they're willing to build a HS on contaminate soil and venting the shit into our air, they don't give a shit about the flu. you will notice the schools open tomorrow in maspeth.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. Why is the city only closing schools and not businesses, public transportation, stores and other places where people congregate? Sounds like a very discriminatory policy. Bloomcrap and Frieden are doing their best to play on peoples' fears and concerns. It makes me wonder why.

By the way, I am not implying that the swine flu is not serious but I am aware that there are many health hazards in this city and focusing on one of them may not be the best strategy. The media is spending far too much time on this story. I have no faith in the people in charge.

Anonymous said...

Should they close the bars?

Anonymous said...

that is so funny because we all know where the teachers head out to.......

Anonymous said...

And if the kids are not in school they will be fraternizing with the general population. The city cannot be shut down because of this virus. When one thinks about what is being done to REALLY protect the citizens, I would have to give the city administration a big red F!