Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Maspeth getting screwed at both ends of the block

The bullshit hardship line (2004):

Dariusz Skarzynski, co-owner of the burglar and fire alarm business with his wife, Aldona, said they want to consolidate all of the company's operations at the one office. The work is now parceled out to locations in New Jersey and Long Island.

If allowed to add three stories to the existing two-story building, the company's workforce at 74th St. would grow from 12 to 120, Skarzynski said.

Part of the bullshit BSA decision:

WHEREAS, Queens Borough President Marshall recommended approval of this application on condition that the applicant agrees to: (1) making arrangements to provide more off-street parking if future development occurs in the area or if a deficit of parking ever becomes an issue for the neighborhood surrounding the site; and (2) using the site for manufacturing and office use as proposed and not solely for office space in the future; and

WHEREAS, Community Board 5, Queens, recommended denial of this application, and made the following allegations in support of the denial: (1) the proposed building would be out of character with the surrounding community, due to its height; (2) the lack of off-street parking could potentially create a negative impact on the surrounding community; and (3) the application requests more than the minimum relief necessary to relieve any hardship associated with site conditions;

Reality (2009):

At this point I should mention that alarm companies are weathering the recession better than anyone else out there. So the owner blaming the economy for his need to rent out offices ain't gonna work.

When there is a 1,100-seat public high school built right next door with no parking provided for teachers, staff and students, and when the offices are rented out with an unknown number of workers driving in, how and where will Aldona provide more off-street parking since it's guaranteed that a deficit of parking will become an issue for the neighborhood surrounding the site? Who is going to see to it that they do as dictated in the BSA decision?

A) Council Member Elizabeth Crowley
B) Queens Borough President Helen Marshall
C) The Board of Standards and Appeals
D) The Department of Buildings
E) Mayor Michael Bloomberg
F) Community Board 5
G) The School Construction Authority
H) Community Education Council 24
I) No one


Eddie said...

I've seen this hideous thing while pulling out of the Stop n' Shit parking lot. I call it the Darth Vader building, because its too tall, too dark and too ugly.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is awful. I think its all part of a plan.. this hideous shit pile makes the neighborhood qualify as blighted - becuase it is so ugly and tasteless - therefore, it makes it easier for the city to use eminent domain to take the school property.

BJMetro74 said...

I run a special dating service for swingers.. maybe I could rent office space here.

Taxpayer said...

This situation is one more example of predatory politicians siding with predatory business owners to inflict punishment on a community of taxpaying citizens.

In the Aldana saga, all citizen taxpayer opposition was stomped on. There were no good guys.

Here we go again with this "proposed" Maspeth High School, and, while one or two of the political predators have been dismissed, the same stomping is planned.

This time the two beneficiaries of the "proposed" high school are the UFT and construction unions and contractors. These predators will be exchanging "pleasantries" with the various predatory politicians involved in the scam.

Once again, the prey will be the citizen taxpayers living in the community.

Once again, Commissar D&T's agencies will lie repeatedly to the taxpaying citizen prey to assure these victims that any opposition represents hatred of students, teachers and education.

Meanwhile, all the predators will be sending their own kids to private schools in limos.

The word "proposed" has been enclosed in quotes here to indicate the big lie. An actual proposal is offered subject to review, negotiations and approval or rejection. In Maspeth the High School is "proposed" only in charade form. As far as the Commissar is concerned, the deal is done; all the payoffs are done. Community: Shut up!

We can and must fix that kind of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Why does Maspeth have little or nothing in the way of public transportation, even though it is one of the oldest communities in Queens? No subways any way near it, no LIRR, a few buses, what gives?

linda said...

first don't tell us to shut up! we should of been telling community board, liz crowley to shut up. maspeth protested against p.s 58 and helen marshall came in and said i'm going to take it and fuk everyone and yes we got fuk again by the people we voted in. i was on the phone yesterday with gary from the board and expressed my feelings and today i feel like an ass he doesn't care and neither does liz crowley. all i can say is fuk you all!!!!!! NOW THAT THIS IS A DONE DEAL AS THEY SAID I WANT RESTRICTED PARKING FOR RESIDENTS ONLY in maspeth...... i don't give a damn about the teachers (take a bus, oh we don't have enough) and that eyeshore that's on 74 street. the board better make sure the school builds a parking lot for all these teachers, knock down that fukin eyeshore. yeah i'm upset do you think??? our community is going to be shit after all of this is done. so maspeth thank the community board and lizzy the witch for this one.

outofhere said...

How about the flag flying on top of the building. I didn't know that Maspeth was in Poland.
How about flying an AMERICAN flag.

Anonymous said...

First of all Linda and everyone else, this building was a Pinky special. Liz inherited this mess. Why you are blaming Liz? She has nothing to do with this project. In fact, it is already done.

Is Nuziato running in November??

Anonymous said...

Maybe Holden is running in November.

linda said...

it's amazing when the school was first brought up it was for extenion for 58. k-8 thanks to our ex pres of pta... from one school became two schools, holding over 500 in each. sca said they are not considering parking and the board still approved this. we don't have enough buses in maspeth area to bring in over 1000 students and teachers. why do i blame liz because for some sick reason this is how she paid us back for our votes, so i say fuk you liz, not going to happen on your next election. the seniors need to step up and complain to the people they have backed in the past, marge markie helen marshall, joe crowley and if they don't get the support back don't give money to their many fun raisers. HEY COMMUNITY BOARD I KNOW YOU READ THIS, NOW WE WANT RESTRICTED PARKING FOR RESIDENCE ONLY IN MASPETH: GET ON THE WORKS FOR IT..... or is it we don't live in forest hills.....

Anonymous said...

hey everyone should wear a red t- shirt reading f.u. " liz and community board".

Anonymous said...

so when the school goes up and you have well over 1000 students where are they going to eat?? oh they will have to come into town and pass p.s 58 and be around the middle school. this should be so much fun to watch seeing tripoli freak out when she sees her students being harrassed and you better hope the gangs don't come here and feed drugs to your children. thanks so much parents who wanted this school, you all complain about the kids from corona now will be getting it from everywhere, thank so much!!!!

linda said...

can you see my middle finger? pinky this!

Anonymous said...

The issue here is the Aldona building not the school. This project was a pinky special. Not Liz. You want to blame someone, blame him.

Why is Linda so protective of Pinky? Interesting.

Anonymous said...


Holden and his buddies had not pull to vote no on the school. What a shock!

linda said...

your an ass don't have any connections to any pinky shit. and it's apparent you don't live over here on this side of town. so again can you see the middle finger!. and by the way you can thank the community board for that and land usage. i say knock the shit down and put a parking garage, the teachers from the new school, ps 58 and is 73 could use it.

Anonymous said...

liz is the one who brought it to the board, dumb ass

Anonymous said...

SCA brought this project to the community board. Come on people.

Anonymous said...

Stop cursing linda. Not lady-like.

Anonymous said...

You have connections to Pinky?

Anonymous said...

This is what the geniuses at the community board had to say:

"The Department of Education lies like a rug. Everything they promised us in one way or another they reneged, and that's the truth," said Grayson. However, Grayson continued, the board had little choice but to approve the school because "it all still comes down to the education of our children."

So you know the community is about to get screwed, but you go along with it anyway. Asshole.

Dermot Smyth, speaking on behalf of the United Teachers Federation (UFT), praised CB5 and Councilwoman Crowley at the meeting for their efforts, before cautioning them, in effect, to take what they can get from the City Council this week.

"You've set an example for community groups throughout this city that if you stand up long enough, and fight hard enough, you can get what you want. You've gotten the DOE to compromise," Smyth said. "Now we have to recognize we don't want to push them too far."

What the hell does that mean, "push them too far?" You mean you might actually make them cave in and do what you ask? Asshole.

In an interview after the meeting, CB5 Chairman Vincent Arcuri said he believed the community board had worked hard on the school proposal, but didn't think it was likely DOE would adopt the group's set of recommendations.

"I think from a standpoint of a community doing an in-depth analysis of a school and coming up with a realistic conclusion, [the process] was very good," said Arcuri. "Will that analysis and conclusion be included in the final proposal? I doubt it very much."

Then why didn't you show leadership and ask them to vote against it instead of for it? Asshole.

With their role in the decision-making process now complete, and nothing left to do but await the City Council's vote, Masi praised Crowley's work on behalf of the community.

"Elizabeth Crowley has made a maverick effort to get the high school built while trying to protect the community," Masi said. "She has school-aged children and completely recognizes the importance of education."

Yes, Crowley recognizes the importance of education because her parents sent her to decent Catholic schools. Every person recognizes the importance of education except those who drop out of school.

P.S. this came from the Queens Ledge

Anonymous said...

Ask the folks in Dutch Kills about vague promises or those near Astoria Park when the Pistilli Building went up.

Anonymous said...

liz got support from the community "NOT". vote her ass out next term. don't give money to anyone that supports her. start asking banks and stores if they back her and if they do go elsewhere for your banking and shopping needs. we don't need a school or that eyeshore and mostly her and a board that don't care for us.

Anonymous said...

Gallagher may have been in office when the Aldona deal went through, but the office for rent started under Liz, she has the obligation to make sure they live up to their agreement now that Gallagher is gone.

Queens Crapper said...

Forgot to mention that this is a Scarano building.

linda said...

to the one who posted not lady like:

yes your right! i guess i'm just so totally upset with the board, liz and anyone who supported this school. grand avenue has too much going on with the schools we already have,the traffic and busing issues city and school. i guess not wanting another"OVER" 1000 people coming into maspeth is crazy. the parents who want the local school don't get it, the school will end up being a specialized school. so i'll be lady like and say i'm sorry for cursing on line and thank you.

Anonymous said...

The For rent sign is liz's deal. Not really. Thank CB5 and your buddy pinky for putting that building up. By the way, isnt holden on CB5. With him on the board, the building was still built. Great job holden and pinky.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The community board said no to this building, jackass.

Anonymous said...

The borough president is the one who wanted it to be pushed through. Thank Helen for this eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Proves my point further. Even though CB 5 voted no, with Holden on it, the building was still built. Way to go!

Thank you Helen. Another dope.

Anonymous said...

What is your point? That the BSA granted a variance despite the CB5 voting no? This happens all the time in this City. That's why I agree with Tony Avella that the BSA has to go.

Anonymous said...

Where is our beloved Marge Markey in all this? Haven't heard her take on this eyesore or the new high school. Now that she was voted in, she's nowhere to be seen or heard from. Hey Marge, step up to the plate and fight for our neighborhood. That's why you were elected. Do something!!!!!!

Markey's a HACK said...

"Where is our beloved Marge Markey in all this? "

So true.
Where is Markey on ANY issue?
What has she done for Maspeth?
Marge loves to sit on the fence and collect her pay check. And she keeps getting voted in because she's part of the Democrat machine.

Anonymous said...

marge marky is state not city.
and everyone should attend meetings especially the one coming up at city hall and express your concerns on the impact this will cause maspeth. to have another school off grand avenue or anywhere in maspeth is insane. there are no trains up here and buses can not handle 1100 more students, in reality will be more like 2000 students, plus the staff driving in and trying to park. please get in touch and sign a sheet if you can make it to city hall and protest. come out and rally against the sca and teachers union. we stopped retail and got a beautiful park we can do the same again for our community.

Anonymous said...

Reiff Playground - This playground honors Andrew J. Reiff (1887-1963), community activist and president of the Ridgewood-Metropolitan Civic Association of Queens for over 30 years. Reiff played a leading role in disputes over land development in his neighborhood of Maspeth. The park that bears his name owes its existence to his dedicated efforts.

In this century, the residents of the Maspeth area have had to fight for green spaces among expansive industrial and commercial influences. When the city acquired this property in 1944, the community hoped to create a recreational facility. After an addition and elimination project, the barren land, which is bounded by Mount Olivet Crescent, 59th Avenue, 63rd Street, and Fresh Pond Road, was shifted 50 feet to the east. Short-lived proposals for the construction of a health center failed, and the Board of Education proposed to use the site for a new Intermediate School, which would become I.S. 349.

The local Community Planning Board and the local School Board voted against the existence of the new intermediate school, but the Board of Education overruled them both. In one of the most heated political battles in Maspeth’s history, the school issue was debated for well over two years, making newspapers across the city. The Board of Education planned the new intermediate school as a state-of-the-art educational facility, and argued that it would foster "better ethnic distribution of children."

The community organizations had several other suggestions for the use of this land. First, if a school was to be built, they wanted a high school to relieve the population stress on nearby Grover Cleveland High School. They were also opposed to the substantial influx of people a new intermediate school would bring, fearing community disruption. Above all, they wanted the land to be used for a park for the neighborhood children, citing the overwhelming number of youths interested in Little League baseball and the inadequate number of playing fields.

Under the leadership of Reiff and others, Maspeth residents won their point. The Board of Education was denied the land, which was designated as a park in 1964. In 1969, the City Council of New York passed a local law to name the park Andrew J. Reiff Memorial Playground, later shortened to Reiff Playground.