Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gambinos put the squeeze on owners of crap condos

From the Daily News:

Gambino gangsters controlled a condo board in Queens and extorted tens of thousands of dollars in bogus and inflated fees from owners when they tried to move, the feds say.

Testifying at the trial of reputed hit man Charles Carneglia, former residents of the Greentree Condominiums in Ozone Park said they were slammed with steep last-minute charges for "failure to comply with condo bylaws."

Federal prosecutors allege Carneglia conspired with several mob associates on the board - including local Realtor Joseph Panzarella Sr. and former president Robert Porto - to gouge the residents.


Anonymous said...

These are the same guys who built phony tony como's middle village skyscraper.

Anonymous said...

Why should banks be the only ones stealing from homeowners? The original loansharks needed their Vig also.

Anonymous said...

Wadda ya expect from
Ozone Park...mob country?