Sunday, March 1, 2009

Biz in big trouble over illegal fliers

From the Daily News:

A Crown Heights business could go under after it was slapped with nearly $10,000 in fines for posting flyers on city light poles.

Quinton Spikener, 27, the owner of Xyayx Multimedia, a music and video production company, woke up last Thursday to find his mailbox stuffed with 47 letters from the city, each charging a $200 fine. The total bill was $9,400.

"I can't afford that in any way," he said, adding the only way to pay the fines would be to sell off the recording equipment and shut the business.

He freely admitted putting up the flyers to promote his company, but said he had no idea it was illegal. "We saw flyers on every light pole in Brooklyn," he said. "We didn't expect to get hit with a $10,000 fine."

What made you think you had the right to post anything on public property?


Anonymous said...

Aw!!! Call the WAHHHHHHH-bulance on this guy!

Anonymous said...

If its his first offense, I'd be ok with him paying a lower fine. But I'm glad someone is doing something about this, because I'm sick of my street looking like a trash heep most of the time because of all the damn circular and posted adds that get blown all over.

Anonymous said...

Good way to fix some businessman you hate. Make your own fliers up with his information and let the city destroy him

Anonymous said...

He didn't know?????

Hey NYC Gov - how about the flyers that continue to be tossed onto my property each weekend?

Yeah, I know I need to put up an ugly sign saying I don't want flyers.

I am saying someone is littering by deliberately throwing this garbage onto my property - please go after these litters too as well as defacing city poles with flyers, stickers and notices.

Anonymous said...

he's right! everyone else does it! including pols!

sean said...

another way for man to try be on top and pull you down . the word is fight for what you do because their always a way to success and acomplish your music production.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth mom says

I too am sick and tired of my block looking like crap.

When I see them on my corner light post - I cut them off.

Those flyer with Ad's for windows and the business cards for Taxi service must stop also. I would never purchase anything from these people - I put it right in the recycle can.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Moms says...

I saw a couple of home on 69th Street with red mailboxes especially designated to collect this junk.

Anonymous said...

Come to F-Liu-xhing and get those
flier pushing Asian ladies off the streets.

Try turning the corner of Roosevelt and Main and you've got at least 3 flier hawkers simultaneously thrusting paper in your face, blocking your vision, as you attempt to descend the stairs to the #7 train.

It's a public safety hazard!

And of course most of them wind up as street trash contributing to
a "revitalized bustling" retail district.

Yeah right. Caldor's is still closed and the town looks like a shit hole!

Anonymous said...

If you open your own business,you're obliged to know and obey the laws. What a crock!!! Let this flier mongering wise ass go under.

Anonymous said...

illegal fliers on poles, the civic's take then down, If you look in the north of queens not a one. (TAKE THEM DOWN) OR CALL 311 TO REPORT THEM, SO THE SANITATION WILL GO OUT AND GIVE THEM FINES.

Anonymous said...

How many fines does someone have to get to make a point. I had a crippled, blind friend who got more than $1000 dollars worth of these fines because he did not know the law and advertised a garage sale.

The next time, he printed flyers with fake addresses leading to an in-rem city-owned building and sent the sanitation department and would-be buyers on a merry chase.

Coincidentally, he was having a yard sale, with a big yard sale sign on his own property that day within sight of the building.