Thursday, March 12, 2009

Carrión's conflict-of-interest

From the Daily News:

President Obama's new urban czar, Adolfo Carrión, admitted Tuesday he has not paid an architect who designed a renovation of his Bronx home two years ago.

That presents conflict-of-interest issues because at the time the architect was a key player in a Bronx development that needed approval from Carrión, then the Bronx borough president.


Taxpayer said...

Conflicts of Interest, Incompetence, Tax Cheating ... the hallmark of the Obama administration.

Odd, isn't it that Clinton and Obama attract the sewage.

G. W. Bush really was much better, wasn't he?

Clinton, Obama, Commissar Death and Taxes, Wannabe Weiner. Each corrupt. Each slimy. Proof that we get what we vote for.

Anonymous said...