Thursday, March 12, 2009

NYC revokes permits for 2 ground zero cranes

(AP) - New York City has revoked work permits for two cranes at the World Trade Center site after a crane part was placed in a nearby street.

The city says that contractors building one of four planned office towers at the site didn't have permission to put a crane boom down in a street before raising it. Tishman Construction was using one crane to lift a taller crane for the skyscraper under construction. It is one of three office towers being built at the government-owned site by private developer Larry Silverstein.

The cranes have been out of commission since Thursday.

Tishman spokesman John Gallagher says contractors are meeting with the city Tuesday to address crane concerns.

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Lino said...

If you want a real scandal in the WTC fiasco, look at the sneakily agree clause in the PA's sale to Silverblatt. For every day that the site isn't "ready" for rebuilding, the city/state owes him several million dollars (the amounts vary from $3-13M/day).

Ofcourse Silverblatt determines what constitutes "build ready".

Who signed a deal like this..Shylock?

Blame Pataki and that bitch in NJ (Whitman)..both Republicans.

Real conservatives..not when it comes to money-men.

Boy. I'am starting to sound like real Queens now....