Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why Albany wants City term limits overturned

State Senators and Assembly Members across the five boroughs will breathe a sigh of relief the day the Council extends term limits. Why? Just ask longtime incumbent State Senators Serph Maltese and Frank Padavan from Queens. Both of them are locked in tense general election campaigns, because Council Members Joe Addabbo Jr. and Jim Gennaro thought they had to go looking for new jobs now that their time in the Council was up.

How Extending City Term Limits Secretly Benefits Our Statewide Politicians

Yes, the issue of the Democrats taking control of the Senate is an indisputable catalyst too, but, if this aim were first and foremost for Addabbo and Gennaro, how come they didn't run for these seats in 2006? The Democrats wanted the Senate then too.

For the past couple of years, our Assembly Members and State Senators have secretly feared the same fate as Maltese and Padavan. And don't think this is just a Democrat vs. Republican thing. Our City Council Members, for the most part, are ambitious men and women, for whom retiring into the private sector (read: obscurity) has little charm. Do you not think that there are plenty of Council Members eyeing up their fellow Democrats' seats?


Anonymous said...

Another reason to vote for Joe.

italian girl said...

Gennaro came knocking on my door a couple of days ago begging for votes. He basically said it's time for the old man(Padavan) to go. I spoke with him for a few minutes and he just gave me the creeps. Real slimeball.

Return all that money to that Kamali developer, you two-face!

Taxpayer said...

Now, ain't that too very damn bad? A New York politician actually facing live competition?

Dump any incumbent who has competition now, but never faced any competition before now.

We need to instruct these porkers. That goes for the sow Markey, too!

Anonymous said...

Gennaro ROCKS! I wish I could vote for him. And that old man Padavan has got to go he can ride the Serf right out of Albany

Anonymous said...

That "old man" Padavan
has DELIVERED for his constituents
and has been successful in preserving a high quality of life in his district.

Frank rocks! He's our cornerstone!

Gennaro, on the other hand,
has a track record of DELIVERING TO DEVELOPERS who are busy destroying
our neighborhoods!

But if you prefer a slimy skeevioso political mobster who's busy taking payoffs, then Jimmy "the gent"
is your man!

Anonymous said...

Without the Senate majority clout and funds, Frank and Serf will not be able to provide their legendary constituent service. That was the premise that elected Carozzo.