Friday, October 3, 2008

Weiner makes an excellent point

The other candidates aren't pleased either...

City's up-and-coming pols downcast after Bloomberg move

Rivals Assail Bloomberg’s Decision


Anonymous said...

i voted for him four years ago and i will do it again in 2009!

Weiner for mayor!

He gets a bad rap but I think he is they type of guy that will make city councilman call him an asshole because he won't give in easy to their BS.

Anonymous said...

Weiner is definatly the best choice for Mayor.

It would be nice to finally have a Mayor from Queens who lives in Forest Hills and cares about (most mayors dont even know about) what goes on in Queens.

georgetheatheist said...

Marcia Kramer. Hubba-hubba.

Anonymous said...

Weiner is Dinkins with ambition and an attitude. He's in bed with every liberal special interest there is. He would be awful. We will long for Bloomie's good ol' days (and I know that's not saying much). From what I can see, wouldn't he be the likely winner? God help us.