Friday, October 3, 2008

Tram to Nowhere

From Crappy's mailbox: "Why would a tram costing $262,000, which has never been used, need repairs? This means it will be sitting idle for almost a year before being able to serve park goers. Another glaring example of DPR mismanagement. The tram in question can only make 2-3 loops of the park before needing to be refueled. It must then be towed miles to the nearest natural gas tanks located in Flushing Meadow. DPR continues to manipulate the truth but no matter how hard they try, this wasteful spending can't be justified." - anonymous

New Fort Totten tram sidelined until spring


Anonymous said...

They never have money for grass roots groups but when a politican gets involved, money pit city.

From St Saviours to Flushing Meadows, how money is spent should be investigated.

For exmaple the $6million the city refused to spend to buy St Saviour will be spent on moving it and restoring it.

The difference? The 'right' people are involved (look up the words 'tweeder' and 'honest graft.'

Taxpayer said...

It looks like Benepe and the Commissar found one more source of kickbacks.

Anonymous said...

The unoccupied, quickly deteriorating, vine covered barracks south of the old parade grounds could surely use some restoration

Then, lets not forget, the old Willets House. It sports an identifying historical marker but no repairs yet h-m-m-m!

So why waste money on a phony piece of "eyecandy" like this tram?

Because it sure do make Adrian and his pol pals look like they're doing something instead of sitting with their thumbs up each others' asses!

We're being taken for a ride all right but it seems not on this broken down trolley!