Saturday, October 4, 2008

Train still stinking up the nabe

Middle Village and Glendale residents are reeling from the reek of rusting rail cars loaded with refuse from Long Island.

The stench of the garbage has raised an outcry at Christ the King High School, prompting state Sen. Serphin Maltese (R-Glendale) to write a letter to the New York & Atlantic Railway asking for a remedy.

Residents make stink over trash

"It has been previously brought to your attention that the noxious odors with their attendant bacterial base ... are the subject of continual complaints by our students and staff," Maltese wrote Sept. 24. He is chairman of Christ the King's board of trustees.

The freight cars are loaded on Long Island and hauled by the railroad to an interchange with the larger railroad CSX, which takes the garbage to sites in Ohio, West Virginia and Alabama. The stench spreads when cars wait on a stretch of track near the Metropolitan Avenue Long Island Rail Road station for a CSX locomotive to pick them up.


I Hate Stupid Yuppies said...

waaaaaaah waaaaaah. boo hoo hoo. the railroad was there first and its better this stuff is moved by train than by truck. if you can't cope with it, MOVE.

Julie said...

There are no yuppies in this area. This is affecting a school that was there long before the railroad was hauling trash. Kids shouldn't be breathing this in.

Anonymous said...

People have lived next to these trains for more than a century without complaint. If there is a foul odor emenating from them now, then there obviously is a problem that needs fixing. The comment of the first poster is really stupid. This is why Queens is in the mess it's in, because if it doesn't directly affect you, then you don't care about it and some will even go so far as to scorn those who do.

Anonymous said...

This is Tom Souzzi's work, he closed the Island Park landfil and sold all the garbage trucks, yards and put apartments buildings on everything.
Now he contacts with private companies....(the lowest bidder)

Suozzi also pushed to merge the LIRR with the MTA. Now most the LIRR workers are dumb Jamaican MTA workers.
You cant even understand ½ of them working the trains, they hate white people

Outspoken Oceansider said...

1. The landfill Anonymous referred to is in Oceanside, not Island Park. It was closed in the 1980s, long before Tom Suozzi because Nassau County Executive. Further, was owned and operated by the Town of Hempstead, not Nassau County.

Having spent all but 10 years of my life in Oceanside and remembering the foul smells and terrible fires from that dump, I can empathize with anyone living in the proximity of anything holding large quantities of rotting, stinking garbage. Clearly, NY&A and CSX have a moral (if not legal) responsibility to expedite movement of these cargoes away from populated areas.

The Town does maintain a garbage transfer station on the site, but I do not where the trash is hauled to once it is loaded onto trailers. (I do know that these trucks come down Long Beach Road and some of their loose debris blows off and lands in front of my house. :()

2. The Pennsylvania Railroad sold the Long Island Rail Road to New York State in 1966; the MTA was formed shortly afterwards. Tom Suozzi, who was born in 1962, would have been four at the time.

3. As for LIRR employees hating "white people," that would make them self-hating white people since the railroad's workforce is overwhelmingly white (at least the people on the trains I ride are.)

Anonymous said...

Amen Outspoken Oceansider! I was going to type the same thing, but realized you already did.

-Joe said...

Wrong !
I see Long Islander's dont pay attention to what goes on behind there backs also !!
It as in 2002, it was actually drawn up by a neighbor of Oceansider crooks (like Al DeAmato who get away with murder to build his pool, ugly fence and mansion)

Long Island Business News, Oct 31, 2003 by John Kierman;
Today Sen. Dean Skelos, Rockville Centre, is Long Island's leading public transportation advocate, holding a seat on the powerful MTA Capital Program Review Board. In the past these roles were filled by former Assemblyman Jerry Kremer, and the late Sens. John Caemmerer and Norman Levy.
Therefore, it was quite surprising that in October 2002 MTA officials announced a reorganization plan that would merge the LIRR with the MTA's other commuter rail system, Metro North. What was even more surprising was that the MTA did not consult Skelos.

The Oceanside tansfer station is still in operation.
Garbage gets transferred some spur near 5 towns onto the Montauk line tracks that run through Glendale

Anonymous said...

Oceanside/Island Park =Same crap. Just like the Guido and Jewish sides of Long Beach road.
Got lost over there once ended up in some area west of Long Beach.
I had driven into some bowery on the beach.
All bummy looking people and Irish bars (Vermont st?) People were vomiting in the street tried to jump in my car to "hitch a ride"
Then the NAZI cops had the nerve to pulled me over to check me for DWI and search my car for drugs!!!
Said I had a tail light out IT WAS A LIE. My car has 100,000 hour LED's!!
I hate that area !

Anonymous said...

Actor Burl Ives playing "Big Daddy" in the 50s film classic "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof":

"Can you smell it Brick...the powerful odor of mendacity"!

Political clubhouse lies have got this stench beat!

Anonymous said...

It smelled real bad, but still didn't smell as bad as Christina ... WOW, that is some BO she has.

I understand that the US Army has contacted her. They want to use it as a secret weapon in the Iraq War.