Sunday, October 12, 2008

Slot Machines Chosen For Queens Race Track

By: NY1 News

Video slot machines are one step closer to coming to the Aqueduct race track in Queens.

Governor David Paterson and the Assembly chose a Buffalo-based company to install the machines at the race track.

Delaware North Companies Gaming and Entertainment promised to give the State $370 million upfront.

However, Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said he will not approve the deal unless it includes more jobs for the people who live in the area of the Queens race track.

The governor said the proposal included such a provision and accused Skelos of stalling.

Skelos said Delaware North offers the most money upfront but it does not offer the best long term plan for the track.


Anonymous said...

Our guv is blind to the future. Take the easy way out and screw the community. Project already much delayed, Skelos tactic just to give Serf a way to posture for 2 weeks then Senate leader will cave just like Assembly leader did.

panzer65 said...

This proposed venue of slot machines will do well ,I have many friends who traverse to AC/NJ to play, let alone a few who go to Yonkers. I have a suggestion, since it is a gaming venue in the works, let's include a favorite of many, the arcade...meaning pinball and video games,there's not many of these for miles!!

Wade Nichols said...

Our guv is blind to the future.

Not only that, he lacks any real vision for the state!

Slot machines is just about the worst way to stimulate the NY economy. Despite the fact that the low IQ left half segment of the Bell Curve makes up the majority of the customers. Should we really be encouraging that sort of behavior?

Or should NYS be trying to lure high tech companies here?