Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Signs of a battle

Matching-funds matchup

Elizabeth Crowley's financial house is in order.

The Glendale Democrat's City Council campaign received public matching funds last week after she finished forking over $56,267 in fines and repayments stemming from campaign finance violations during her 2001 Council bid.

Crowley got $41,581 in matching funds after raising $52,496, according to the city Campaign Finance Board.

Crowley's opponent, Councilman Anthony Como (R-Middle Village), received $65,105 after bringing in $33,711.

As of last week, Como had spent $27,075, compared with Crowley's $6,239.
- John Lauinger, Daily News

So Crowley has more money in the bank at this point than Como. Interesting.

You'd think with all that money they'd at least have signs that aren't ugly.


miles mullin said...

This woman is not yet in office and is already forking over tens of thousands of dollars in fines?

Hey, that is the person I want representing me!

Maybe the opposition should be running ads like:

NYC Firefighters Support Convicted Voter Fraud Candidate


Clubhouse Pol With Links to Party Boss Crowley Fined For Fraud

and lets see how long her support lasts.

Anonymous said...

"Clubhouse Crowley"...
just the girl to get things done!

Sigh...yawn...give me a sign of hope oh Lord that a qualified candidate might some day emerge in Queens!

They need not be a savior just
bright, relatively honest and resourceful will do!

Anonymous said...

Crowley is the best choice!

Taxpayer said...

Leadership: He and degenerate Gallagher worked together (in Maltese's office) for years - accomplishing nothing of any particular use).

Integrity: He rebuild his house (just a block away from degenerate Gallagher) so large, he could now house Gallagher and all his victims. In the process, he collected nearly a dozen stop-work orders - which he ignored.

His real slogan:
A lawmaker who has made no laws, but sure knows how to break 'em.

Anonymous said...

In 2001 Lizzie had the backing of the PBA. I notice that they aren't on her band wagon this time.
Curious hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

she may have lost the PBA, but she gained herself a Crapper.

Queens Crapper said...

No way in hell am I endorsing Dizzy Lizzy. I say flip a coin when you go in the voting booth.

Anonymous said...

Does Como know that a red star is the symbol for Communism? Oops I forgot, he flunked history at Christ the King HS.

Anonymous said...

Please, Crowley has more red than Como, maybe she is the communist. I heard Crowley was going around today on a bull horn saying Como supports Bloomberg with term limits. Didn't the local papers and this blog say that he is against it? Way to go Liz, keep telling lies.

Anonymous said...

NY1 asked Como after the Chronicle did and he switched from being against it to be "undecided."

Trilby said...

Crowley's poster looks like it's for a donut shop of yesteryear.

Oh No Como said...

I'd like to furst tank da senater fur givin' me da opportunity to help surve you...
if it was not fer da senater I would not be here tonite...

Anonymous said...