Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shocking revelation: Schools are overcrowded

Scores of city schools are bursting at the seams - with some as much as 200% over capacity, according to Education Department enrollment figures.

New York City schools suffer massive overcrowding, statistics show

To deal with the overflow, PS 56 buses dozens of kindergartners to other schools. Teachers tutor students in the hallways.

In response to the crisis, a coalition of parents, elected officials and the teachers union [launched] a campaign Friday called A Better Capital Plan.

The groups will rally before a City Council hearing to urge leaders to build schools based on neighborhood need instead of the current districtwide evaluation.

They say keeping up with demand is as important in troubled economic times as it is when the city is prospering.


Taxpayer said...

Don't forget: 3rd-term Commissar Dear Leader has total control of schools in New York City right now.

Keep this buffoon around for one day beyond the end of 2009, and you get more of this moronic management of education.

Anonymous said...

Overbuilding equals overcrowded schools (hospitals, etc).

That's the sum of how it all adds up with simple arithmetic!

Anonymous said...

Our politicians spend too much time in bed with the developers and the Parkside Group. There's money to be made and pockets to be lined. The powers that be don't care about your children. Their children aren't affected. Overdevelopment is a very lucrative commodity for them. Where is the city planning commission? We need more schools, hospitals, parks and supermarkets. Where is our future third-termer? Mayor Doomberg, are you listening? You want to save the city? Let's see if you can put a stop to all development until you can take care of our school situation.

Anonymous said...

Queens Crapper you are so shocking.

I wondered where all those anchor babies were being warehoused in the daytime.

keep encouraging the illegal immigrants to over populate NYC.

good idea

ever notice how people from the third world & illegal immigrants have no concept of birth control. it pays for them to have more anchor and jack pot babies

-Joe said...

United Stated bordillo baby sitting service. These people are good for nothing but DWI and F-ing each other like rabbits.
Thats why there home countrys are broke hunger ridden cesspools.
...No birth control, they want them cash jackbot babys = more $$$

Remember those TV commercials about Africa in the 60's. Same shit !!

I drove down Grand ave a wile back, everyware every dam street had a least 2hispaning woman pushing baby carriages with 3-4 in tow.
Wait till all them little unruly unsupervised monsters become teenagers with no future.
Our senior years are going to be misery.

We may be better off in Mexico itself

Anonymous said...

Yet another example the the machine is run by Archie Bunkers.

Loud mouths who deep down really don't care for the 'riffraff' that has moved in.

So they short change them every chance they can. The kids make a good target - they don't write angry letters to the paper.

(hmmm.... maybe some should!)

Wade Nichols said...

And in other news, "undocumented guest workers" are inordinately arrested for drunk driving. Details at 11PM. This is Bloomberg News.

-Joe said...

Riff Raff is an understatement, these mongrol's are dirty blood sucking parasites.

I need a valium to drive past my old neighorhood in Ridgewood, then down Knickerbocker, up Grand.
I get so pissed off about what these 3rd world savages done my blood boils.
I almost choked when I saw bars on most the 1st floor windows on Summerfield Street.

Tell ya a story;
When I was around 8 we lived on DeKalb and Evergreen. The German cat lady next door died and some slumlord baugt her building and made it sec 8.
(This was right after Kennedys Immigration Reform Act of 65)
The house was filled with Puerto Ricins within a month. These pigs would play bongos 2AM. Throw fire crackers, garbage, chicken bones right out the window into the yard.

It attracted Rats
These bastards called the cops "crazy old man in pajamas with a rifle"
My grandfather got so pissed at the rats for ravaging his tomato plants he started shooting them with an air rifle 2 AM in his pajamas.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, right on!

The Queens machine if full
of the REAL Archie Bunker types!

They're fossils (i.e. the Stavisky dynasty, etc.) who are living in the political past.

These closet bigots are merely using immigrants for their votes while secretly harboring contempt for them.

A Flushing assemblyman
once indicated that there was little that could be done
for the downtown area but
"...they would try to keep it..."
(the Asians) "...from spreading"...
into the desirable neighborhoods

They thus approved of confining
the new arrivals to a ghetto!

The clubhouse is infested
with narrow minded political termites eating away at the
the support beams of real democracy!

Once again....
a bunch of ARCHIE BUNKERS!

Anonymous said...

Xenophobes unite!

Crowley's boys said...

Hi, this is the Queens Machine. We don't like it when you call attention to the fact that we encouraged this to happen to your neighborhood. Please stop immediately. Times are tough and we don't have extra cash right now to hire hacks to keep discourse in check. Thank you.