Thursday, October 16, 2008

Serf Maltese's attorney arrested on kiddie porn charges

A Patterson lawyer was charged yesterday with illegally possessing child pornography on his laptop computer.

Robert Groezinger, 53, surrendered to federal authorities in White Plains to face a two-count criminal complaint that charged him with receiving and possessing child pornography.

Putnam lawyer charged with possessing child porn

For the past 20 years, Groezinger has served as a part-time associate counsel for state Sen. Serphin Maltese, R-Queens. But he was fired yesterday after he was charged in U.S. District Court in White Plains.

"The senator absolutely has no tolerance for this type of activity," said Victoria Vattimo, a spokeswoman for Maltese.

Sorry, you seem to have a history of employing sex pervs, Serf.

And check this out!

You gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

First it was "Pinky" Gallagher "forcibly touching" grandmas!

Now it's his buddy Maltese's lawyer
getting his jollies with kiddie porn!

Well these perverts sure have got the age spread covered!

Anonymous said...

There's more. They should check his office at Christ the King Public High School lest we forget his buddies selling porm from the former convent on the fourth floor.

Taxpayer said...

This is a lesson about competitive elections.

Maltese's boy Gallagher is accused of rape of an elderly woman, and Maltese says and does nothing.

Now, his counsel (from NJ? Screw NY?) is accused of possessing child porn and he is fired instantly.

Any difference?

This time Joe Addabbo is credibly campaigning against Maltese?

God Bless competition!

Joe, you just won. This cowardly, lazy pol handed it to you.

Never forget: Como was also on the Maltese team - as counsel. Apart from his pornographically oversized MacMansion, what other porn is Como involved with?

Fed up said...

Clueless Serf Maltese... he's so dishonest that it's sickening!

He hired and protected Gallagher. Even when he was caught selling porn from a high school that Serf was chairman of the board. When the principal found out he fired her.

He also was silent when Gallagher was arrested. We didn't hear anything from the Senator when Gallagher admitted his guilt.

Maltese gave us Ognibene who used the office for his own personal gain and was caught influence peddling.

Maltese built up a strong relationship and mutual admiration society with the crooked Anthony Seminerio and gave him access to Bruno.

Maltese annointed Anthony Como who has no talent whatsoever and doesn't know the first thing on how to lead. He's hated by so many people in the party.

Maltese left our Queens County Republican Party in a shambles and propped up a weak indecisive man as his successor.

He made deals to not contest races in Queens, including judges in return for Dems not running candidates against him and others. This went on for well over a decade.

Now we get a child porn collector as his attorney!


ps- Did I mention Joseph DeFronzo?

Anonymous said...

Serf is a doddering old fool with his eyes closed to what goes on around him, or perchance it's all an act and he's just another family values fraud. Makes one wonder if the affinity he and his pals all have for a high school should be looked at through a microscope. Anybody but me find it odd that Serfie also surrounds himself with kids as interns in his expensive offices? Wonder what's on his office computers?

Anonymous said...

If you people re-elect that senile old do nothing Maltese you get exactly what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Did this alleged pervert Serfie had working for him actually perform any work or was he just another of his taxpayer paid no shows?