Monday, October 13, 2008

Quinn's motives for siding with Bloomberg

She could never run for Mayor now that a major investigation and the word "scandal" hung heavily over her head. The end of her Council term in 2009 was shaping up to be the end of her political career.

Enter Mayor Bloomberg. The Mayor's proposal to save his own job was a godsend for Quinn. Four more years would mean that Quinn could have a chance at redemption - a chance for people to forget. If she could escape the slush fund scandal unscathed (I wonder if Mayor Mike might help her here?), four years from now she might once again be a viable candidate for mayor.

Council Speaker Quinn Picks Quiet Sunday to Sell Out Voters on Term Limits


Anonymous said...

I like the spirit of Brooklyn - and it shows in a borough that is up and coming as it has replaced Queens as the second borough of NYC.

Anonymous said...

The Queens Optomist:

1. lets see how much money we can make milking our community.

2. the politican (insert name here)is so wonderful (insert seniors or immigrant kids here)!

3. if its something negative (we just don't discuss it)

Anonymous said...

("Macbeth")"...all the perfumes of Araby could not sweeten..." Quinn's dirty hands.

Nor could all of the shades of hair dye improve Clairol Christine's appearance in front of a grand jury!

That continuing investigation will sink her and maybe "Parkside" will suffer collateral damage too!

Eh....Evan? !!!

The DOI/FBI net is going to pull in a lot of fish before it's all over!

And Bloomberg is going to be the fish that stinks the most if the job is done right!

Dr. Engine said...

I think Christine Quinn would make a great mayor. I hope investigations prove her innocence. If not, wouldn't be the first dynamic leader to be taken down by the politics of gotcha.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen with Bovine Shulman's trying to sweep her illegal lobbying under the rug? Hey FBI, are you paying attention? The taxpayers demand answers!!! Has she been in bed (so to speak) with Quinn???

Anonymous said...

Vote everyone out and start fresh. The mayor and the city council do not represent the people that they are supposed to serve. They only serve themselves. Let's show them all who has the power. As for Ms. Quinn, she screwed herself. Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. She needs new friends.

Anonymous said...

Page 6 -- NY Post today -- What do you think?

Comments: 2Read Comments Leave a Comment October 13, 2008 --

CITY Council Speaker Christine Quinn's support for a term-limit extension for Mayor Bloomberg comes at a price, according to City Hall insiders. They say that Quinn , who has lost the confidence of her colleagues, will not be re-elected speaker. Rather than go back to being an ordinary council member and have to give up her big staff and SUV, Quinn will leave the council and become a deputy mayor under Bloomberg. The deal for extending term limits also includes Bloomberg - who regards Quinn highly - endorsing her for mayor in 2013.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised she is not up to the job.

Afterall, she was selected by the Queens clubhouse.

Ever see the genepool going through its doors?

Anonymous said...

Quinn is cut from the same
shoddy cloth as the rest of them.

What kind of suit can you make
from badly woven dry goods?

One of low quality!

Anonymous said...

Quinn is so hot.