Thursday, October 16, 2008

Panel Bloomberg appointed finds no ethics problem

The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board ruled on Wednesday evening that members of the City Council may vote to modify, extend or abolish term limits even if they will directly benefit from such a change, dealing a blow to three officials who had argued that it would violate ethics laws for Council members to alter term limits without a public referendum.

In an 11-page ruling, the board rejected arguments made by Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum and two City Council members, Bill de Blasio and Letitia James. The three had argued that it would be unethical for the majority of City Council members, who would otherwise be barred from seeking re-election next year, to vote to extend the number of maximum terms to three, from two, because they would themselves benefit from such a change.

The Conflicts of Interest Board disagreed. It ruled that “a legislator’s act of voting for, or against, extending his or her own ability to seek another term” does not violate laws that prohibit lawmakers from using their office for “personal or private advantage.”

Ethics Panel Clears Way for Term Limits Vote


kingofnycabbies said...

Two legs good, four legs bad.

Taxpayer said...

Only in the land of the Commissar can what is obviously unethical be declared to be ethical. (War is peace, good is bad, up is down)

We have both the Commissar and the lickspittle lackey Quinn using our tax dollars to bribe and/or threaten elected officials to have them vote in a particular way.

Chairmanships up for the taking; just vote for my plan, says this thieving pair.

Remember every name. Wherever any of these traitors appears on a ballot (if we are ever permitted to vote again), vote for the opponent!

Anonymous said...

George Washington once refused a kingship that was offered to him
by a grateful nation.

Mike Bloomberg
is having the final adjustments
being made on his crown at Cartier's next week!

The Conflicts of Interests Board
has become a rubber stamp mill
for corruption at all levels!

Bring on the feds!

ComptrollerSpokesGuy said...

I wanted to share with your readers a statement issued by New York City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. in regards to efforts calling for a voter referendum on term limits, instead of a City Council vote to change the process: “Hundreds of thousands of people struggled to attain the right to vote. That struggle and especially that right needs to be respected. Moving forward and extending term limits without a vote would undermine the will of the voters and ignore all who have struggled to gain that right. An issue this important needs the voters’ voice." Comptroller Thompson will continue to aggressively speak out on this matter so that the voters' voices are heard, and will appear on New York 1's Inside City Hall tonight at 7 to discuss this matter further.

atilla the hun said...

Now I'm a hands on fellow who likes to take direct action when I decide to sack a city...but this Bum-berg
mayor of yours is a cowardly thief
who hides behind his city hall brownie troop!

C-mon and meet me scimitar in hand
you pantywaist!

jerry rotondi said...

It sounds like a conflict of interest exists with the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board's ruling!

Maybe it's time
to make a federal case out of this.

Anonymous said...

I saw Wiener on NY One, he seems adamant about pursuing his candidacy for Mayor. Thompson comments as quoted above are right on target. But what will happen is the money will be spread above them (at the party level) and then pressure will be placed on them to either quit or make some other adjustment to let the King be anointed.FOR THE GOOD OF ALL THE PEOPLE ALL HAIL THE KING!