Friday, October 3, 2008

Nydia is very upset with Bloomberg

“It is totally wrong. It is totally un-American. It is totally undemocratic to overturn the people’s will that has been expressed clearly in two different referendums,” Ms. Velázquez said in an interview outside of Brooklyn Borough Hall this morning. “I reject the notion that, because of the fiscal crisis, we should use this as an opportunity to overturn the people’s will.”

Term Limit Plan Called ‘Totally Un-American’

She continued: “New York City is one of the most resilient cities in the nation. It was shown after 9/11, when Giuliani wanted to use the attack as an argument to turn back the people’s will. This would be wrong. It’s morally wrong. And I will pose the question: Is it legal?”

More specifically, Ms. Velázquez said that any changes enacted by the City Council after the two referendums would have to be approved by the United States Department of Justice’s civil rights division, since three of New York’s boroughs — Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx — are protected under the federal Voting Rights Act.

“I would certainly call into question the validly of any changes that may occur by the City Council without the approval of the Department of Justice,” Ms. Velázquez said. “A change like that would certainly lead me to call into question the potential of the disenfranchisement of minority voters in New York City. And we will be looking into that.”


Wade Nichols said...

A change like that would certainly lead me to call into question the potential of the disenfranchisement of minority voters in New York City.

Of course, she has valid points on why Bloomberg should sail off into the sunset. But why does she have to throw in the cliche about "minority voters"? Does she really think the universe revolves around her and her constituency? Does she really think white people spend every minute trying to think up ways to screw "minority voters"?

We have better things to do...pass the brandy!

Anonymous said...

Mixed message: Bloomberg is bamboozzelling the citizens - agree 100%.

Disenfranchisement of minorities? Not sure what the details are here - but I don't disenfranch anyou unless they are illegal. ( I do like my veggies - spit and polished by legals though)

Anonymous said...

And of course there is no "disenfranchisement" in her serving 8 terms in Congress...

Anonymous said...

"Stars and Stripes Forever"?

Mr. John Philip Sousa.

That tune can only survive in
a vigilant nation where we all guard freedom with our life's blood!

Wall Street's folds
does protect a "TYRANT CREW".

And their mutinous leader is,
Emperor Bloomberg!

for crimes on the high seas of democracy!

Anonymous said...

Scary photo!

Anonymous said...

Although initially well intended as a means of flushing out a sluggish or corrupt political system...
term limits have turned out to be
a little disappointing.

At first I heartily supported them.

But let's face the facts:

For term #1 your council member
is working for you (hopefully)
yet by the time he reaches
Term #2 he's working for
himself seeking out his next job.

You have no leverage at all
with a two-termer!

Try twisting a council member's arm on their second term.

Most couldn't care less and the district office just goes through the motions of dealing with your problems and issues... nodding in sympathy but taking no significant action.

I strongly object
to the method by which Bloomberg
is attempting to subvert the will of the people.

It amounts to nothing less than an end run around democracy!

It's cowardly and treacherous...
the M.O. of a thug or a thief!

This bully needs a hard kick in the ass by all of us voters to
teach that little brat some manners!


Term limits were put in via a public referendum
(and confirmed a second time).

That's the only way that they should be removed!

Don't let this Wall Street pickpocket use his mayoral clout
to steal our Constitutional rights
away from us!

Anonymous said...

Why is the photo scary...
because she's a strong
and determined looking "Black" woman?

Those bland looking photos of a methodically cold dictator like Bloomberg (if he had his way) scare me even more!


It was once said that vicious killer/gangster Abe Rellis
(of "Murder Inc.) had the sweet eyes of a puppy dog!

Wake up folks.
Never trust appearances
(or a politician's promises)!

Anonymous said...

I think what she means is that minority voters chose term limits and now their decision is being overturned. Of course, white voters chose that option, too, but we don't have a history of disenfranchisement.

Wade Nichols said...

we don't have a history of disenfranchisement.

Obviously you don't deal with people such as Nydia and her constituency much. If you did, you too would be disillusioned.

Taxpayer said...

Thank you Nydia for entering the fray.

All the other politicians are so busy banking the payoff from the Commissar that they simply cannot find the words to oppose the Commissar.

What has the Commissar accomplished?

Someone, please itemize.

Anonymous said...

It is not a matter if you like the Congresswoman or not it is her message is that counts. Two referendums on the matter should validate the voters’ wishes. Do not allow this bully to change the voter’s intentions. Perhaps Ms. Velazquez comment should be worded as voter disenfranchisement in general. By the Mayor and City Council arbitrarily changing the rules of the game mid stream, everyone loses faith, minority or otherwise. This change will contribute to the growing lack of faith in government and giving credibility to senseless comments like “they are all the same, or why should I bother voting" regardless ethnic background and political persuasion.