Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mayor lobbying with our money

Mayor Bloomberg never showed up at hearings on whether he can run for a third term, but dozens of people waited hours to praise him anyway - many of them spurred by the best supporters money could buy.

It wasn't Bloomberg's money, though.

It was yours.

There was the mayor's legal counsel and the city's corporation counsel, both paid with tax dollars, testifying that Bloomberg can and should get another term.

There were aides from the mayor's Community Assistance Unit, who rounded up pro-Bloomberg speakers from the community and religious and civic groups they work with all day long - many of which thrive on city grants.

There were the dozens of "Ready, Willing and Able" guys from the Doe Fund, which gets funding from the city - and used its vans to bring people to the hearing.

And they were all working at the behest of Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, Bloomberg's political operator, who is opposed to the third-term bid but is doing his $196,574 job anyway.

Hyping 3rd term for Hizzoner - your money

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Anonymous said... always feels extra good
to get bum f----d with your own tax dollars!

Il bastardo di Bloomberg!