Sunday, October 5, 2008

Landmarked Lundy's gets stripped of signs

From Curbed:

We turn to rarely visited Sheepshead Bay where the saga of the old Lundy's Restaurant building, which has been ongoing for more than a year, has taken a turn for the nasty, if not weird. The building is being converted into a food market, which has been known since Spring. In any case, last week, the market started tearing down some signs and awnings, with the problem being that the Spanish-style, stucco building with a Mission tile roof was landmarked in 1989 and the grocery only had permits for interior work. Oops.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. The preservation community thinks that $200,000 is needed for the LPC commission.

Just enough money to ok an extra roof deck or an extention for a yuppie nursery in the holy four: GV, WS, ES, BH.

Other stuff like this?

Well, if you are lucky, a passing mention in HDC's newsletter.

Anonymous said...

Overturn the Landmarks Law!

Public money to mostly help rich people while 90% of the city is redlined from any useful protection is bullshit.