Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great mailer!

The Working Families Party is turning up the heat on seven of the Council members listed as "undecided" on Mayor Bloomberg's term limits bill with a targeted mailer that puts a new twist on that infamous 1970s-era "Drop Dead" DN headline.

The back of the mailer reads: "(Council member X) hasn't made up his/her mind about term limits. But the people have. We voted...twice."

"New Yorkers twice voted in favor of term limits for politicians, but now the City Council is trying to vote themselves longer terms anyway. That isn't democracy, that's political maneuvering and blind ambition."

Term Limits Mail

And Christine Quinn is still acting like a pig:

In a major power play, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is threatening to oust a powerful committee chairman because he is a leading opponent of extending term limits, The Post has learned.

Sources said Councilman David Weprin (D-Queens) could be stripped of his post as chairman of the Finance Committee for speaking out against legislation engineered by Mayor Bloomberg and Quinn to allow officials to serve a third term.

The speaker is dangling the prized chairmanship, worth an extra $18,000 paycheck above the regular $112,500 council salary, before legislators who have not decided how to vote on the explosive issue, sources said.


For the record, she denies it.

Then there's this from the King of Hypocrisy: On the eve of Thursday's City Council term limits hearing, Mayor Bloomberg added fuel to the fire by flying to Los Angeles to support a voter referendum on how officials are elected there - while opposing a referendum on extending term limits here.

At an appearance Wednesday with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bloomberg said California's referendum to change how politicians' districts are drawn is good for democracy - and he rejected any comparison with term limits.


Taxpayer said...

The best performance yet was the turtle-faced, dwarf Commissar stomping his tiny feet in a tantrum against a reporter who asked the Commissar why he was putting pressure on Lackeyette Quinn and other council members to vote for his plan.

Then he flies to California to PROMOTE a referendum that will do the OPPOSITE of what he is bribing and threatening elected officials to do here?

Dump the bum and anyone who supports him!

jerry rotondi said...

Speaker Quinn
should have received
my "little piggy no 3rd term
without a referendum" cartoon/postcard by now.

Oink, oink, oink!

Don't tear it up Chris.
It could just wind up becoming a collector's item traded on "e-bay"!

Liman said...

I've said it before... The law is the law, and it has to be respected. But are we going to be happy with who the mayor will be? It's not for nothing that the "Working Families" Party published that (cool) flyer. "Working Families" was created by, is funded by, and is a captive of the AFL-CIO. It's not so much a party as it is a mega-special interest. They are tweeders of the highest order. As far as I'm concerned, anyone they support for mayor would be a disaster.