Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Curtis Sliwa has strong opinion on term limits

In response to the unprecedented debate spawned by the issue of term limits, NY1 debuts a new segment today unlike anything we've done before. "Your 2 Cents On Term Limits" is a series of on-camera, unedited, guest editorials delivered by prominent New Yorkers.


fiscus1 said...

Re: term limits Curtis says "Put it on the ballot". We've done that already - twice. And twice we've said "NO". Are these city council hacks hoping that "the third time's a charm"?

Bloomberg was/is no savior of the city If he's so smart financailly: How come he didn't see this mess coming and sound the alarm?

And, don't forget that he's never given a rat's ass about Queens. Remember when the (then) private bus lines were out on strike for six weeks and he did nothing to resolve the dispute?

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg saw the crisis coming.

He and his pals covered their assets while leaving our asses naked!

All part of the plan folks.

#1. Sub prime collapse
clears neighborhoods like southeast Queens etc. of the "undesirables"
that the real estate industry and clubhouse has been trying to ethnically cleanse for years
Thus making it ripe for new development and an influx of yuppies.

#2. Wall Street meltdown gives
Mayor Mike the opportunity to trade on NYC residents' fears to force
himself upon us for a 3rd term.

Sound bizarre?
Stranger plots have hatched before!

This could have been some
long term strategy.

Anonymous said...

The economic crisis seems to be under control. The stock had a recovery. What argument will our little dictator create next to keep himself in power? Curtis is just a right-winged hate monger who loves to rant and rave...facts be damned!

Queens Crapper said...

As Charles Barron says, "Why do we need to put it on the ballot when tyhe voters already decided? There is no massive outcry from the people to vote on this again."

Trilby said...

Well, I think Sliwa is saying, put it on the ballot RATHER than overturning it by legislation. And also he is saying, let's have this referendum on just Bloomberg, rather than Bloomie dragging all the other expirees along with him into third terms.

I like Sliwa. Sliwa for Mayor.

georgetheatheist said...

Coitus Sleezwa when are you going to stop sounding like one of the Bowery Boys and grow up already? You're a second-rate cartoon character. BTW do you ever wash that oily, greasy beret?

Anonymous said...

A smelly beret announces that Curtis has arrived even before he opens up his halitosis yap!

jerry rotondi said...

"S-o-o-o-wie...s-o-o-o-wie" !

Bloomberg's been
sloping us all like hogs for 2 terms!

Now that little piggy
demands his 3rd gourmet helping
of power!

Sorry...you're bacon!