Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cost of Willets Point plan is questioned

As the Bloomberg administration attempts to sell its plan to redevelop Willets Point, the price tag for the controversial project has become a major sticking point for the City Council.

Mayor Bloomberg earmarked $400 million in this year's fiscal budget for Willets Point, but the city has refused to provide details about the five land deals it has inked at the gritty industrial zone near Shea Stadium.

The city also has rejected a Daily News request under the Freedom of Information Law seeking information on the deals, saying it would harm ongoing talks.

But Council members are wary of casting a make-or-break vote Nov. 12 without knowing how much the city has spent to acquire the land in question, or where the businesses on it will be relocated to.

Price tag a sticking point in Willets Point project

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-Joe said...

Good chance this is going to die, the building boom is dead. Euroshits are leaving the country thousands per day.
I was in Home Depot in Riverhead, the shelves are 1/2 empty and disorginized, no barr codes, only a handful of clueless (mostly women) on staff. I didnt see one single Guat or Mexican !
Home Depot and the "box" stores are going down.



Anonymous said...

Typical hateful speech Joe-

Home Depot has been that way for years.. Worst run operation Ive ever seen.

Large scale developments like this and WTC are decade long projects and not built for a single Real Estate Cycle. It is actually best to develop during relatively leaner tines so that the capacity is there when things turn.

Anonymous said...

That argument would make perfect sense if developments weren't already sitting empty. Guess there will be already be capacity when the "turnaround" comes.

Anonymous said...

And that there's no money for this now. What was that projected deficit again?

Anonymous said...

definately an edc guy!! same comment claire made on her famous video. you plan in bad times so when it turns around you do it . ok what if it take 4 years to turn around ? do the business just sit and wait 4 years untill your highness is ready ? or will it become a parking lot for wilpons un announced soccer stadium?

Joe said...

Hate speech ?
Just stating the facts. And I dont give a dam if there feelings get "Hurt"

Do you know how many people I have seen bleeding in hit and run on the main road (25) by these illegel pigs ?

These shits DWI there rusted $300 80s pickups through the streets No Licence, No Insurence, No Registration, N Carolina plates.
More then any other group these animals hurt and kill people then flee right into the woods not even checking who they hit.
Building material and Budweiser cans are a given at any all wreck scene
They are so drunk they never get hurt !

The East End cowboy cops only process DWI arrests on peope they can get $$$ money and cars from. They then bang them with drunk driver school classes and rehab.
The illegels just get tickets when caugh then flee to another state before the court date.

Do I hate them ?
YOU BET I DO FOR GOOD REASON. Its also not against te law.
Im glad to not to see these criminals !

Anonymous said...

yes . that is HAte speech.

you characterize people and their actions by the color of their skin or their ancestry.

i know you dont see it that way. Most bigots dont see their own prejudice when they look in the mirror. they just see the perfection that is themselves and the flaws in others who dont look like them or have the same background.