Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Company pollutes for 101 years, then applies for cleanup grant

Sun Chemical wants to clean up the site of its former pigment manufacturing plant in Staten Island's Rosebank section so it can be sold to a developer for either industrial or residential use, according the the state Department of Environmental Conservation [DEC].

The company, which shut down operations at the 101-year-old facility on Jan. 31, intends to clean up toxic materials -- including chlorinated solvents, volatile organic compounds, metals and polychlorinated biphenyls -- which have seeped into the ground over the years.

A cleanup plan has not yet been formulated, but Sun Chemical has applied to the DEC for funds and participation in its Brownfield Cleanup Program.

The Tompkins Avenue site of the plant is listed for sale, but it must be cleaned up prior to future development.

Chemical company wants to sell Staten Island site to developer

No commentary from the Crapper on this one. Just read the comments on SI Live.


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Anonymous said...

You cannot have it both ways - in fact the polluter should provide the grant in a form of a huge fine to be given to the city. Let the developer clean up the site after he buy's it - if he doen't want it - then the city will clean up the site with the fine and sell it.

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