Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bully for Forest Hills South!

The fortunes of two major commercial stretches in Forest Hills appear to be going in decidedly different directions.

What's happening to Austin St. in the north and Metropolitan Ave. in the south offers a glimpse of how once-dominant business areas can become a victim of their own success - and how lesser-known locales can take advantage of that.

Locals maintain the advantage will always rest with Austin St., which has long benefited from its desirable location near the 71st-Continental Aves. subway station.

But soaring rents and vacant storefronts are now plaguing Austin, while Metropolitan - with lower rents, easier parking and many new shops and restaurants - seems on the rise.

Fortunes change for Austin St., Metropolitan Ave. in Queens


Anonymous said...

Notice that FHS is NOT diverse! vibrant! bustling!

and filthy and stinky and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

let's go Sizzler!!

Anonymous said...

FHS: The only part of FH that isn't overrun by Bukharians with their hideous houses. Let's keep it that way.