Thursday, October 9, 2008

Billionaire Boys Club reconvenes

Statement from Ronald Lauder via the Daily News:

"This afternoon I met with Mayor Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion. We had an in-depth and positive discussion about term limits and the pending legislation before the City Council."

"As many people know, I have been a fervent supporter of term limits for many years. My personal belief in ordinary times is that two terms is the appropriate number."

“However, these are extraordinary times and we are in the midst of a financial emergency. For those reasons, I will reluctantly support the Mayor’s legislation to extend term limits to three terms, with the understanding that I will serve on a Charter Revision Commission which will place the question of the number of terms before the voters in 2010."

"At that point, I will vigorously support a return to a two-term limit. The people have spoken before and will speak again; until then, this is the best solution to make sure we have a steady hand at the wheel during this financial emergency."

My God, how did our great city ever survive the 1970s?


Alan said...

The United States of America...the best country money can buy!!!

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Taxpayer said...

We voters will just have to dump any office holder who even speaks favorably on extending term limits - or altering term limits in any way.

jerry rotondi said...

The voters have already spoken
twice via public referendum!

This little piggy...
Mayor Bloomberg... goes to market
after his time is up.

Gorging himself on power for two terms is more than enough.

Most of us New Yorkers have had a belly full of this elitist!

And what good was our "brilliant" mayor/CEO if under his watch he couldn't spot the cracks in Wall Street before it came tumbling down?

Blowing up a financial rough spot into a crisis is just Mike and Ron's way of trading on fear so they can buy out democracy.


Anonymous said...

Ron Lauder stated further in the Daily news article that we need a "steady hand at the wheel" during this crisis.

If Mayor Bum-berg wasn't so drunk on power, he's have seen this "crisis" coming.

Mike was DUI and "totaled" NYC!

This is all about these rich boys knowing more about what's best for the people than we do!

In other words they've
just declared themselves New York's new ruling monarchs!

No need for the voting machines or the second Tuesday in November off from school anymore!

Elections have been suspended for the duration of their rule!

Anonymous said...

A pox on both Bloomberg's and Lauder's houses. A referendum yes, but one with clear spending limits so that the billionaire elite do not get to use their money to influence the outcome either way.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Ronald, a make-up manufacturer, to put the gloss on a shabby attempt to seize democracy
by forcibly pushing a third term!

Sorry, that transparent base you're using is a poor cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Adolph Hitler also take advantage of an economic collapse in Germany to become Reich's Chancellor?

Heil Bloomberg!

Frank said...

I've sent a handful of letters and emails to Bloomy about various issues in NYC (everything from his backdoor gun control policies to unfair targeting of my neighborhood by traffic cops) and have never received a reply.

Obviously if I had millions of dollars I would not only get a reply but I'd get invited to Gracie Mansion.

Anonymous said...

Charles de Gaulle said "The cemeteries of the world are full of indispensable men"

We don't need you Bloomberg


Anonymous said...

This little piggy needs lipstick! Enter Ronnie Lauder.

Anonymous said...

I love how the proponents say, if you don't want Bloomberg again you can simply not vote for him. Meanwhile Bloomberg has said he is ready to spend "whatever it takes" to win. Um, ok, that's fair....NOT!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when people who make $15 an hour vote for billionaires. I say, don't vote for him no matter what.

Anonymous said...

The media refused to interview anyone in the public who is against this.

So the make it look like a small group of ambitous pols are the only things standing in his way!


cat said...

all great points. the new york times did interview some people from "the public" ONE day. the point about how people keep pointing to the fact that we don't have to vote for Bloomberg, et al. is such a good one because Bloomberg will be spending $100 million to insure that people who , maybe don't know all the issues, DO. That is a bit frightening. To make it a fair 'fight,' he should opt into the public financing system and put a cap on what he will spend - THEN we'd really know if he won (and people loved him so much) fair and square. the media is ALL complicit in this - the dailies especially.

Anonymous said...

The media has become Fascist Dictators

The Times said the crooks in the council know what the people need the the people

The greed of the Times banker friends on have turned America into a socialist state, but only for the rich.