Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Brother to watch DOB inspectors

Department of Buildings to keep tabs on inspectors with GPS units

Moments after being sworn in Wednesday, the city's new buildings commissioners vowed to fight department corruption by tracking inspectors with hand-held Global Positioning computers.

Mayor Bloomberg swore in Robert LiMandri the day after crane company owner Michael Sackaris was indicted for paying bribes to top city crane inspector James Delayo for 12 years. In March, after a crane collapse at E. 51st St. claimed nine lives, an inspector in Delayo's unit, James Marquette, was charged with faking a report that he had inspected the crane.

LiMandri, named acting commissioner after Patricia Lancaster was forced out in April amid a growing scandal, said a GPS device would have been able to determine Marquette's location. LiMandri said he would start issuing the computers by year's end.

The 5-pound gizmos will "talk remotely to our system through WiFi, and will pinpoint where the inspector is when he does that job," LiMandri said.

The devices, which record inspection details immediately, will be introduced in phases beginning with electrical inspectors. By 2010, they should be in use by all inspectors, spokeswoman Kate Lindquist said. Bloomberg said LiMandri's most important qualification "is his intense commitment to make safety the No.1 priority."


Anonymous said...

oh yeah that really going to help.
When the inspector gets to the job site he will hand the devise of to the coffee boy, give im the code, and then he will go to the crane and punch in the appropriate numbers as told by the inscpetor. While the inspcetor sits in the shanty IM'ing his friends.

These is alot of postsuring and "I know better that you" attitudes on job sites, every one's the boss. They basically sit around all day figuring out how to screw the owner of the building that they work for. That is why construction takes forever to get anything done.

Anonymous said...

Unless these devices provide an audio/video record of the inspectors' movements, they'll still be able to accept bribes from developers undetected!


Administer spot check polygraph tests to building inspectors (and DOB other staff as well).

Then you'll catch some crooks!

Anonymous said...


Who is going to be watching all these GPS (inspectors) more GPS?

This is the biggest batch of baloney I have heard of since the Mayor's 3rd term issue.

italian girl said...

I wonder what ever happened to Patricia Lancaster.

Anonymous said...

She is probably working for Scarano or Huang.