Monday, October 6, 2008

Benepe jumps off phone pole & yells "Yahoo!"

The NY Times visited Alley Pond Park:

Mr. Benepe hustled right up and jumped right off...

Next, we gathered as a team and tried to traverse a low-wire course, clinging to each other for balance. During this, Mr. Benepe took a phone call and began hashing out budget issues while balancing on the wire.

Then it was on to the giant swing known as the Slingshot. Mr. Benepe clipped himself on a long wire and we all hiked him about 40 feet up using another line. He pulled the rip cord and began a huge, high swing and yelling loudly: “Yahoo!”

“I can fly,” he yelled giddily and began running motion.

Adventure Course Is No Walk in the Park


Bentepe said...

Sure, this is exactly what a parks commissioner should be doing. He's showing everyone he's an outdoorsman. Look at me I'm Adrian Benepe, "I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!... oops rope burn on my hands and pee pee.

What's in the water at the NYC Department of Parks?
Benepe fits right in with previous spaced out parks commissioners, Betsy Gotbaum and Henry "Starquest" Stern to name a few.

Anonymous said...

There was a safety harness? Damn! Well, we can dream...

Taxpayer said...

"Parks officials say there have been no significant injuries or lawsuits."

Didn't say NO lawsuits yet; just no SIGNIFICANT lawsuits yet.

"But department officials stressed that the course would be meticulously run by Urban Park Rangers who would follow strict safety measures and secure the course at night."

The same empty promises made regarding the unleashed dogs after dark in the parks.

(A) “We’re getting beyond the traditional baseball and softball and football,” he said. “Now we have skate parks, and we have surfing beaches, and we have mountain biking courses, and this is really the latest thing, these kinds of challenge courses.”

(B) "Helped by a state grant that covered half the cost, the city hired Project Adventure, a premier nonprofit builder of such courses, to build it, said Mr. Benepe, who added that this was “almost nothing compared to even a modest playground.” The project cost $500,000."

With all the complaints about spending money on the killer artificial turf (to get the kickbacks), we're no longer interested in the reasons we gave for all that (traditional baseball and softball and football), we've now developed a new source of kickbacks and a way to spend tax dollars to get those kickbacks.

I notice the article failed to report that Benepe didn't jump with his pink panties showing.