Thursday, October 2, 2008

Astoria is Sinkhole Central

Astoria resident Gerald Kanter says a three-foot wide and three-foot deep sinkhole near his house keeps on getting bigger.

"It keeps getting bigger and the rain makes it bigger and bigger," he said.

Even more disturbing, not even 100-feet away is a second sinkhole, which appears to be deeper and wider.

Residents say they have logged complaints with 311 on numerous occasions, but the city has yet to do anything about the sinkholes – which they believe pose a significant hazard to the neighborhood.

A spokeswoman said DEP would send a crew to the location immediately to secure the area by putting up barriers. She said the department would then perform an emergency contract to patch up the area and also reconnect a catch basin. She did not say why it took NY1's call to get the work done.

NY1 For You: Astoria Residents Worried By Massive Sinkholes

The answer is because nothing gets things moving like bad publicity.


Kurt said...

311?! I've called 311 twice, and both times absolutely nothing happened.

Anonymous said...

report it on and they will tell you to move away from it.

its your fault for living over a sinkhole.


Anonymous said...

Or someone will completely trump it by complaining about some poopy smells or jerkfaces or some other inconvenience on their block.

Anonymous said... mean naive kids who nothing about the area or what actually is falling apart or blocks with gang problems.They know about some delicious new useless cafe,restaurant but not much else.Being critical and aware hurts there brains.

Anonymous said...

Jake LaCrapa, that stuttering dumbass "attorney" for councilperv Dennis Pee Gallagher is interested in renting the sinkhole.

Anonymous said...

Much of Astoria has underground rivers that remove the underlying supports for the streets. For example, 18th Street was "Willow Street (for all the willows growing there) PS 122 had a big willow growing on it years ago, and willows grew in Astoria park and near the east river. Willows will only grow with their roots in water, when you see a willow, you are looking at a swamp.

Anonymous said...

If that were a real sinkhole, the immediate area surrounding it would be blocked off as it would be unstable.

If that *is* a true sinkhole*, where the underlying ground has been worn away by a falling water table, you should sue your local government for not taking adequate precaution to protect the citizendry.