Sunday, October 5, 2008

60 people evacuated from illegal Astoria apartments

ASTORIA (WABC) -- Structural problems have displaced dozens of residents from a building in Queens.

There are a total of 60 people being evacuated from 8-29 Astoria Boulevard in Astoria due to structural life safety violations.

The Department of Buildings has issued a full vacate of the building for numerous violations. Officials say the apartments are all illegal, with illegal gas and electrical hookups, no sprinkler systems or fire safety equipment and no emergency exits.

Residents also say that the landlord visited each of them, asking that they pay their rent in cash by October 1. Then, two days later, they are out on the street.

The families reportedly paid between $900 and $1,300 a month for apartments in the building, which is zoned solely for commercial use. Thirteen children are among those now homeless.

Con Ed has shut down the gas to the building and DEP turned off the water service.

The MTA is on the scene with one bus and will shelter and/or transport anyone involved.

The American Red Cross will be opening a reception center at the Astoria Community Center located at a nearby NYCHA facility.

Watch the interesting video here: Safety violations force evacuation

More from NY1.


Taxpayer said...

Good-bye illegal aliens. Thank the Commissar on your way out. He needed your cheap, ignorant services. Now he doesn't.

Maybe you should ask him to put up some of his own money to purchase some "affordable" housing for you. You'll then discover how much he really cares about you.

FOX News sent a reporter to the scene. He interviewed one fellow who has been here for 5 years. Identified him by name, and as an "immigrant" from Mexico.

Media-speak for illegal alien from Mexico.

Let's hope that MTA bus driver has good directions to the Rio Grande. I'll pay for the gas.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone on actually posted this:

Notable Quotes:

"Funny how the media got there but no one in office."

"Did someone from government tip off the landlords to show up a day before the evictions and pocket the rent?"

"the community leaders are never around .just walk around the streets of long island city and astoria and you see perfect buildings bein torn down for monstrous large buildings and what the hell happened to steinway st every other store is empty or goinng out of business"

"Will our community board and elected officials, open a permanent hotline to report these conditions?"

"Will our community board and elected officials take steps to crack down on these conditions?"

"Come to think of it, where were they when this happened?"

and my personal favorite

"If we can hold immigrants in the same regard as their food, this thread would have had several dozen posts by now. Maybe they should open a restaurant to get our attention?"

Anonymous said...

CB1 the community board from hell.

Anonymous said...

Of course none of the local pols
were on the scene.

The slum lord who owns these illegal firetraps probably contributed to their campaigns!

So these political "Archies"
hid out in their clubhouse "Bunkers" until the television
news hounds left!

Wouldn't it be ironic if one of George Delis' friends owned this slum and had given $$$$ to Don "junior" Pietro of La Famiglia di Vallone? !!!

when it comes to dirty Queens politics anything can happen and usually does.


Anonymous said...

Good bye Due Process!
someone must want this block and lot bad.

now the landlord doesn't have to go to court or pay a cheese ball lawyer to evict the tenants.

the article doesn't say if they actually complied with the landlord's request for payment in cash.

Cash means no record of the transaction.

Watch, he will go to court and claim that none of the tenants paid rent at all.

Anonymous said...

Where is the INS Dept. to hand out Jet-Blue tickets to the shelter of Cancun, Mexico?

The owner should have his property seized while he is pleading his case and fines.

miles mullin said...

No comments at I did like your dig about opening a restaurant.

If they did the thread would have several dozen.

I guess the kids (who are moving into our nabe) only care about THOSE people if they play mariachi music in the background and serve tamales for a date, then when they get married, watch the kids and cut the grass.

As PEOPLE with real problems?

Ah, lets change the subject to something more pleasent!

Mr. Angry said...

Not sure who'd want to live on that fringe block in the first place... but to be kicked out with zero notice, have your car towed and rent money stolen... shouldn't the landlord be under arrest right now?

I don't care where people are from, no one deserves that.

Anonymous said...

I don't care where people are from, no one deserves that.
Thats a realistic way to think.Yes there is too many illegal workers here and its too overloaded on every block now.There is a limit, but no one deserves to be put out like that.If someone posts on the astorian shitty site bring that up to these dumb sleep walking kids.

Anonymous said...

The law should include Landlords checking for green card or citizen papers prior to renting an apartment. Combat illegal immigration - see offshoot problems disappear and focus on legal citzen problems instead.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone think this only happens to illegal aliens? I live around the corner from this monstrosity and my landlord has effectively made my apartment house unlivable. I came home this morning to find my entire dining room ceiling gone and most of what I own destroyed. The police don't help, the fire department doesn't help, buildings department will get here sometime within the next day or two.

If you look down on people, perhaps someday someone will buy your building and wreck your home for you.

Anonymous said...

last poster

put this on along with Vallone Onorato and Gianaris's reaction.

Write a letter to the Gazette telling them of the local pols (in)action.

Unless you tell them that it was done by Con Ed they of course will ignore you.

Anonymous said...

Good bye illegal aliens!!!??? What a friggin racist asshole you are. Forced evacuation is happening to everyone and you may be next. i know because I've been shooting a movie on the subject for two years. If the tenants had European accents you wouldn't come out with stupid comments about illegals. These are people who paid rent to be in their homes and were illegally evicted. it is a human rights violation and it can happen to anyone.