Friday, May 16, 2008

Steel Disc Falls From Ill-Fated Former Deutsche Building

From NY1:

The Department of Buildings issued several violations against the former Deutsche Bank building Thursday after a steel disc from a personnel hoist fell 22 stories.

A personnel hoist transports workers to various floors.

The DOB said the seven-inch wide, four-pound disc pierced the roof of a decontamination trailer.

No one was injured.

The department issued violations against Regional Scaffold and Hoist for failing to maintaining the hoist and Bovis Lend Lease for failing to protect the public and the property.

A partial stop-work order was in place Thursday until the contractors address the issues.

Demolition work at the building was halted last summer after a fire ripped through the skyscraper and killed two firefighters.

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Anonymous said...

Stay away from construction sites! I hear more and more stories of near misses everyday.

When people's lives are endangered simply to fulfill political contributions, someone should start to stand up and say ENOUGH!