Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vallone Introduces Graffiti Bill

Special to the Sun

Construction managers would have to keep their workplaces free of graffiti if legislation introduced by Council Member Peter Vallone Jr. is passed. The bill would require developers to remove vandals' graffiti from construction sites or face fines from the city.

"It just seems to be the norm now for these graffiti vandals to hit construction sites," Mr. Vallone said yesterday in an interview. The legislation would amend an earlier law sponsored by Mr. Vallone that requires commercial and residential building owners to either remove graffiti from their property or give the city permission to clean it up. While the city does not charge commercial and residential property owners for the cost of removing graffiti, this new bill would require construction site owners to pay for cleaning services out of their own pockets.

The number of graffiti complaints in the city increased more than 80% between 2006 and 2007 while graffiti-related arrests rose about 28% in the same period, according to police statistics.


Anonymous said...

You should see his community - some construciton sites have fences that have been up for years. All you need to do is make a donation, dig a hole, and let it fester as a dump and mosquito infested swamp.

For years.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need - yet another law that will never be enforced.

Good headlines though....

Anonymous said...

graffiti is a disgusting eye sore.

But what is it with this
Don "junior" Vallone?

Is this his only issue/obsession?

Adolescent scrawls
can always be removed but the
the kind of over development
that that our junior political mobster supports
cannot be erased so easily!

You're not foolin' us Pietro!
(Hope your senior don/father
winds up in the "pokey" after the feds are finished scoping his crooked ass regarding the recent "slush fund scandal"!

Happy subpoena "Big Pete"!

Anonymous said...

So the construction sites will cover their fences and scaffolding with a patchwork of tacky ads

Eric Arthur Blair said...

Just what we need - yet another law that will never be enforced.

Good headlines though....

C'mon, let's not be cynical. I fully expect all those legal citizens of European extraction, driving around in their Priuses powered by recycled cooking oil from Chinese restaurants, and spray painting graffiti along the way will be arrested by the dedicated officers of NYPD!

As for enforcing our laws regarding citizenship, FUGETABOUTIT!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is a real solution but I'm actually glad someone is suggesting that something be done about graffiti. Some residential building owners really don't care about cleaning it up and it sucks for the residents of that building who have to come home from work to it. The ones who don't clean it up tend to get tagged again--kids DO see that their "work" will last longer on an unkempt building.

Granted, Vallone's district has a LOT of other issues, but I'm OK with him going for this.

Anonymous said...

Wait until Vallone posts his "re-elect me" political graffiti
(posters) on your block's lamp posts and construction fences!

Are you going to remove it,
report him for littering, or just continue to kiss his ass?

Sometimes I think that Queens deserves the crooked officials
they stupidly keep re-electing!

I'm moving soon anyway...
so WTF do I care anymore
what you bung holes do!