Saturday, May 31, 2008

NY Times endorses Charles Ober

There will be a special election on Tuesday in the 30th City Council District in Queens, which includes Ridgewood, Middle Village and Glendale. The seat became vacant after the resignation of City Councilman Dennis Gallagher, who admitted to sexually abusing a woman in his district office. Voters in this election, to fill the seat for the rest of the year, should seize the chance to force some much-needed change.

The ballot, on which the candidates will be listed without party affiliation, is crowded with the old way of doing business. Thomas Ognibene, a conservative Republican and former councilman, wants to retake the seat. He held it until he hit the term limit and stepped aside for Mr. Gallagher, who was Mr. Ognibene’s chief of staff. Mr. Ognibene is too tied to clubhouse politics, as is another Republican, Anthony Como, an aide to State Senator Serphin Maltese and a former assistant district attorney. His command of the issues is unimpressive.

Elizabeth Crowley, one of two Democrats, has the same problem, having built her candidacy not on talent or experience but on party machinery. She is the cousin of Representative Joseph Crowley, the Queens Democratic Party leader, and has raised the most money. Ms. Crowley, whose parents represented the area on the Council, is short on substance on issues like budget reform and education. She also ran afoul of campaign finance laws when she ran against Mr. Gallagher in 2001.

The other Democrat in the race is Charles Ober, a financial executive and community activist. The fact that Mr. Ober is openly gay has drawn attention because of the district’s conservative leanings. But more important are his deep roots in the community and the years he has spent engaging his neighbors on problems like prostitution and graffiti. His energy and civic engagement would be a valuable addition in the City Council.

District 30 deserves a serious-minded, independent legislator who will put the needs of constituents first. That’s why we endorse Charles Ober for City Council.

Charles Ober for City Council


Anonymous said...

Thumbs Up NY Times!!!!

And everyone remember it's UNAMERICAN NOT TO VOTE.

Evan the mama's boy said...


Anonymous said...

How come Crowley was not indicted like Sheldon Leffler for giving consective money orders to the CFB to obrain maximum matching funds from 16 people who were given the money by a large donor?

No justice no piece

Why do the DAs protect those who have power or family has power?

So they can get reelected

Why does the New York Times keep this quiet?

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, a Times endorsement of a gay activist is shocking. And we all know how much influence "Thee Old Gray Lady" has in this district. Good luck, Chuck.

Anonymous said...

More people in Council District 30 read the NY Times online in one day than read the Queens Ledge in a year.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is what we do:

1. write a letter to the editor in those rags that support dizzy lizzy. outline how the elective process was made a mockery by her cousin (always say that every time her name is mentioned, and i can assure you this is the last crowley that will run for office)

2. mention her fines

3. mention her lack of experience compared to the others

4. mention how she thinks pinky is better than avella.

5. mention her linkage to mclaughlin and how he 'misplaced' kids money

6. send a copy to crappy (and mention that in your letter)

Anonymous said...

In order to get my vote someone needs to prove they care about the community first, and run for office second. Charles has been working tirelessly for years and hasn't received a dime for it. He cares for the right reasons.

Charles has my vote.

Lizzy said...

Evan, where are your connections? How come you couldn't stop the Times from printing this? What the hell do I pay you for?

Anonymous said...

Someone must think his neighbors only read The Star and The Enquirer. None of the candidates have three heads, though some have two faces and are joined at the hip.

Anonymous said...

Even where did the 7 million that parkside made go? Did Brian get any of it?

Anonymous said...

More people in Council District 30 read the NY Times online in one day than read the Queens Ledge in a year.

Someone must think his neighbors only read The Star and The Enquirer

But just where is the Times' influence in this district?..Hmmm?....Uh-huh...Exactly.

Taxpayer said...

The New York Times endorses Ober.

The Queens Ledge endorses Crowley.

Certainly, Sanchez has far more intelligence and influence than Sulzberger.

The NYT can actually use spell check, name the paper correctly and get most facts right (not all). But, Sanchez can show those amateurs a thing or two about journalism.

Say "Good Night" Dizzie. And, kiss Sanchez off while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

just where is the Queens Ledge's influence in this district?..Hmmm?....Uh-huh...Exactly.

Anonymous said...

Ognibene: the best out of a terrifying array of corrupt Republicans in western Queens.

Como: Blithering idiot.

Crowley: Sweet, good hearted girl (sincerly). 100% down to earth. Actually wants to do good for the community.But not the sharpest tool in the shed and a bit underqualified.

Ober: Seems like the beast candidate for the job. But where is this guy? I have been trying to meet him but he doesnt make himself available to the people who are not involved in District 30politics.
He shows up at the Fresh Pond train station at 6:30 on Monday like the rest of us working stiffs - then he has got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Times influence? People with brains and not blind. Even if I disagreed, it was well written and informative. Not written from press releases.

Anonymous said...