Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lots of literature

"This election Tuesday is really out of hand. This week I must have gotten a full tree's worth of crap from every candidate. All from different return addresses all saying they are sent on behalf of the candidates.

Then today mud slinging from the Republican Club saying they are asking Como to step down.
I know your blog has been fair to all the candidates with their good points and stupid points so I figured I'd share this with you. Unfortunately every time I vote I feel like I'm not voting for who the better candidate is but voting for the lesser of the evils."

Michelle L.


Anonymous said...

Maspeth Moms says...
I agree with Michelle - too much paper. I dont even take into my house- just chuck it in the can. Some of the stuff it unbelievable ... one from a realestate agent who wants us to vote for Como- Yeah because they are pro-developement and she can make money off of it.
Another from Holden telling us who we should vote for. He has to be kidding me ...He hasnt been right about one individual yet. First he loves them then he hates them. More CRAP for the landfill.
Why would they stick their necks out for people they hardly know, except for monetary gain.

Taxpayer said...


There's nothing in the law or the constitution that guarantees that choosing a candidate will ever be easy.

Why should it be?

You're choosing from among mere mortals. Each with some good and some bad points. Some with nothing but bad points.

Despite all the years of being told to "stop being so judgmental", an election REQUIRES us to be judgmental. Being judgmental is a very good quality.

Be very, very suspicious of anyone who tells you to not be judgmental. Why would they ever want you to not judge? What are they hiding? Should they do the judging for you?

You have to judge all things at all times.

When you shop, when you date, when you hire someone or interview for a job.

Above all, politicians need to be judged.

A sensible way to judge anyone is to have facts. All sorts of facts. So, that means you have to judge the information that you have. You, and you alone must separate the facts from the fiction. You and you alone must decide which facts are more important.

So, it's hard. Tough. That's life.

So, you can exercise good judgment or bad judgment or no judgment at all. You are entirely responsible for your judgment and the outcome.

It's a pitiless affair, but, so what? Do you want me to do your judging for you?

To answer that, you again must make a judgment. It's inescapable.

Middle Village Dad said...

Maspeth Moms, this Tuesday instead of voting why don't you just stay home with the other "do-nothing except complain" people. Then you'll have some more to things to gripe about.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to go out and vote Ognibene on Tuesday.

Ober and Ognibene are definitely better choices than Como or Crowley.

Ober seems like the best choice and would be a breath of fresh air for the community. He's intelligent, well-versed on the issues, and has shown an abundance of dedication and commitment to his community. However, and this may sound crass, but I don't think an openly gay candidate has a chance of winning the vote of the general slate of voters out in CD30.

Any vote for Ober will lead to a Como/Crowley victory, and as we all know, that is bad news for everyone.

CntrySigns said...

I realize voting is not suppose to be easy but when they out right lie that someone is not going to be running and sending it as a press release thats bad business. I'm involved with local community organizations and try to make an informed decision and I understand each candidate is trying to make the other look bad but this went too far.

As far at the ton of mail from each candidate.. Ober's people sent non English speaking volunteers to spread their message in Glendale. I stood right there as they walked up to houses and put flyers INSIDE mail slots. That is a federal offense. No one but an authorized mail carrier can put mail in a slot, when I tried to tell them that all they could repeat was "Ober Good, yes". Maybe if Ober's camp had found someone thats from America they would have known that!

Anonymous said...

As a second generation American I was sure I had command of the English language. Also I don't remember putting flyers in mail boxes. I must be getting senile.

Liar, lair pants on fire.

CntrySigns said...

Well Anonymous: if it was you then you would remember a women talking to you about it. It was a man and woman, possibility husband and wife. I'm sure you're not the only one volunteering for Mr. Ober.

Queens Crapper said...

The Republican letter says that 3 party leaders were calling on Como to quit the race, not that he had quit the race. Not sure what you are getting at, Cntrysigns.

CntrySigns said...

When I called Como's office I was told no one asked Como to leave the race. So the letter was a lie written on a press release.

Anonymous said...

It's not a lie. They can publicly ask him to pull out from the election without personally calling him and doing so.

As if that held any weight anyway.

Anonymous said...

maspeth mom says...

I'm not complaining - just stating facts about the mail.
Middle village dad- you need a cup of coffee and go for walk to clear your head.