Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is this the ugliest building in NYC?

PICTURE, if you will, the Brooklyn Bridge: the solid stone towers and the gentle arc of the roadbed over the river. Picture it from the Brooklyn side, where thousands gathered Thursday to celebrate the span’s 125th anniversary as one of the city’s most loved structures. If your picture is clear enough, you will also see, looming directly behind it in Manhattan, what may be the least loved: the 32-story, beige limestone monolith that is 375 Pearl Street.

The Tower That Has No Friends


Anonymous said...

It's not the ugliest, but close.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere near the ugliest; those who call it the ugliest betray a Manhattan bias. Let them walk thru the neighborhoods being ravaged by the fedders specials chronicled here and on New York Shitty. THOSE are the ugliest buildings in history.

Anonymous said...


It just shows how narrow-minded the offical preservation community is. Until that changes, all we shall do is go over the same tired stories over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

.. and fight over the same coupla thousand.

Think about how our silence is bought cheaply.

Pocket change in the developer's world.

Anonymous said...

I publiclly challenge Historic District Council to invite Andrew Dolkart and the Times to walk through any neighborhood in Queens for a followup on this issue.