Sunday, June 1, 2008

Remembering the fallen

His body was placed on a stretcher and covered with a sheet.

Moments later, his father, Donald Sr., a retired FDNY lieutenant - who sources said was working nearby as a construction foreman and heard the news quickly - was by his side.

Fire Department Chaplain Stephen Harding tried to console the father, embracing him at times.

At one point, the elder Leo was talking on a cellphone and was overcome, slumping over his son's remains.


In just three weeks, Donald Leo planned to gaze into his bride's eyes at a church altar and then escape with her to Greece for a honeymoon.

Instead, his fiancee will be memorializing his death at the very same church, Our Lady Queen of Peace in New Dorp, on Tuesday.

Staten Island son killed in crane crash

Mr. Kurtaj arrived in the United States two years ago from Kosovo, where he had fought as a soldier in the conflict in the Balkans.

For Mr. Kurtaj, his work with a water and sewerage company was a means to an end, said an uncle, Beke Nikqi, with whom he shared an apartment in the Bronx on Astor Avenue. In an interview in the entrance of their building, Mr. Nikqi described how Mr. Kurtaj not only helped support his parents in Kosovo, but Mr. Nikqi as well.

He described Mr. Kurtaj as a “really hard worker” who wanted “a better life for his family.”

An Accident Fuses Two Workers’ Lives Forever


Taxpayer said...

But the turtle-faced prick was too busy talking on the radio to come to the scene of his violence.

The vicious killer Commissar is waiting to blame someone else for the deaths.

We must now genuflect as we think of our Dear Leader Commissar.

Anonymous said...

I think he looks more like a bird.