Friday, May 16, 2008

Question of the week

From Miss Heather: "Could someone please explain to me why someone would do this? Seriously, I really want to know."

Word Of The Day: Crapification


queensjohnnie said...

Brickwork's expensive, even when a hideously ugly job is done. I would guess it may have something to do with Local Law 11 (facade inspection and maintainance) and not only with crapification.

I would hope, but don't expect, that they salvage that beautiful cornice work.

Anonymous said...

Where is the masonry bonding as required by the NYC building code.
At some point in the not to distant future that brick job is going to pull off and maybe land on some one or something. Stainless steel masonry anchors should have been installed every 24" on center vertically and horizontally.

Anonymous said...

Immigrant owners, most love that shit look. Yes no doubt in time it will peel off and kill people.

Where are the inspectors DOB said its adding? This is crazy

Jason in Kew Gardens said...

This kind of crap never stops being depressing.

I'm guesssing the building's owner technically owns that section of sidewalk behind the fence as well? I wouldn't count out some kind of hideous wall blocking it off.