Friday, May 16, 2008

How did that get there?

This was photographed at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn...

Nathan Kensinger Photography


-Joe said...

Thats a movie prop, FB Field is used for set building.

GE (NBC)turned all the big 30 Rock scenic artist space into $$ office space. Quoting :"most these pee-on's live in Queens anyway"

Miserable people to work for !!!!

FBF is also used for police training

-Joe said...

---And yes that is the working conditions. They do there best to best to go around the unions "house" or get people to quit.
They screw the writers, and actors as well.

One primary reason network television totally sucks, with all the fake, scriped, coached T&A contest shows !

Nathan Kensinger said...

I'm guessing it was a theater backdrop for a local show. There were dozens of these hand-painted set pieces abandoned and rotting inside the hangar. And the leftovers of a puppet show set, too.