Monday, May 12, 2008

Parks introduces trees then cuts them down

This clipping about the plans for the Ridgewood Reservoir at Highland Park came from the latest NYC Audubon Society newsletter. You'll notice it mentions that Parks is considering developing "a portion of the third [basin], a site dominated by exotic species, such as Norway maple" for active recreation.
Norway maples are the trees that have seed pods that spin like helicopter blades (which is what I used to pretend they were when I was a kid playing outside).
Funny thing about Norway maples. They are the number one street tree found in Queens...and guess who planted them? That's right - the NYC Parks Department! Now this same species is public enemy #1? Perhaps Parks should instead concentrate on the biggest threat to our native trees, the Asian Long-Horned Beetle.

Parks also plans to knock down the wall of Basin 3 whether we like it or not. They were supposed to listen to community input when making their decisions, and not one member of the community said breaching the wall was a wise, desired or fiscally responsible move. I guess the community got a little too uppity, so now it's time to ram a plan no one wants down our throats. Next comes the clearing of the trees and the astroturf.

There is a tour of the Reservoir scheduled for this Thursday at 11am with Assemblyman Towns if anyone is interested in seeing the place at the height of Spring and before Parks does any more damage.


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you put an unqualified person in the position of Queens Commissioner of Parks.

Anonymous said...

The Parks Department is perpetually "stuck on stupid".

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of Benepe's relatives owns a rock blasting company and needs work.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think he owns stock in synthetic turf company!

Taxpayer said...

Anon said:
"I definitely think he owns stock in synthetic turf company!"

Benepe and the Killer Commissar want the kickback money from the artificial turf installations.

"Queens Commissioner of Parks Lewandowski unqualified"? That's on her best days. Otherwise, she is utterly incompetent, lazy, and openly hostile to the interests of park users. She needs (as does the Commissar and Benepe) to be reminded that we pay all the bills. We pay the piper - we call the tune.

What would she say if she were the target of a Summary Judicial Inquiry (Section 1109 of the NY City Charter)?

Would she hold up under the pressure? Or, more likely, would she roll over on Benepe and the Commissar? Roll over is my bet!