Monday, May 12, 2008

CB11 nixes new historic district

Despite reassurances regarding the availability of government loans when requirements of the landmarking lead to additional costs when repairs are needed, the board voted down the proposal 14-24, with most board members not wishing to go against the homeowners affected.

The vote is only advisory, but Lisi de Bourbon, a spokeswoman for the Landmarks Preservation Commission, said prior to the vote, that while the position of the community was not binding, it would be unusual for an area to be landmarked without the support of the community.

She hasn’t returned calls since the vote was taken.

C.B. 11 Votes Down Historic Landmarking


Anonymous said...

Give yourself a pat on the back, CB 11. Now you can kiss 19th century landmarks, 20th century delights, greenery, & forthcoming grants for property owners, GOODBYE, only for... disgraceful McMansions, undemocratic eminent domain, and insensitive alterations.

The property values of the neighborhood will not rise as it does when historic district status is applied. Follow this link, "The Impact of Historic Districts on Residential Property Values" (Mayor's Independent Budget Office report), or paste it into your browser:

With the above being stated, I strongly urge CB 11 and relevant neighborhood residents to reevaluate their decision.

Anonymous said...

Another fine example of the public education program in the preservation community.

Too much of its leadership is self serving. What is needed are people who are committeed to making this city great, not those interested in showing up at the right functions or making lots of money.

A change of leadership is needed.

Jerry Rotondi, a Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association member said...

Well Ms. de bourbon, Broadway/Flushing residents have overwhelmingly supported LPC designation as a historic district, so have CB#7 and all of our elected officials.


So what can be holding up the
calendaring of Broadway/Flushing?

Maybe Ms. Betts or Chair Tierney can enlighten us further on the

Anonymous said...

This is not Nazi Germany and Kevin Wolfe & Julia Schoeck are not the rulers of Douglaston. No grants are coming ever & thats all they do is build "McMansions" in the manor what are they talking about? Thats right CB-11 give yourself a pat on the back for standing up to the EVIL EMPIRE!
Not even the CHURCH want to deal with these two lets overthrough the self elected rulers and vote the democratic way.