Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Library board-Quinn quid pro quo?

As the speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn, fought for extra funding for the city's libraries last year, her campaign coffers swelled with tens of thousands of dollars in donations from trustees of the New York Public Library.

Library Board Backs Quinn & Vice Versa

There is nothing illegal about the donations, which coincided with Ms. Quinn's public efforts to secure an additional $42.7 million in the city's budget to ensure city libraries could stay open at least six days a week. But the contributions illustrate the financial relationship that often springs up between the people who advocate for services and the elected officials who have the ability to deliver funding.

An initial wave of trustee contributions flowed into Ms. Quinn's campaign during the months leading up to her public declaration that she would advocate for more funding for libraries during her budget negotiations with Mayor Bloomberg. A second wave of contributions hit her campaign in the summer, after she successfully negotiated the funding boost to pay for the additional service hours.


Anonymous said...

No! Really? !!!
That's one for the books!

So Clairol Christine,s roots are starting to show again!

Taxpayer said...

Libraries are great. Quinn is bad.

Libraries are irreplaceable. Quinn is replaceable.

Dump her now!

Let her next job be in the prison laundry.

Anonymous said...

Why did Gifford Miller hire a lawyer with his own money?

Is the U.S. Attorney targeting both Miller and Quinn?

We know that Peter Vallone has already been interviewed by the U.S. Attorney. Is Michael Keogh talking?

Anonymous said...

I'm tellin' ya between Gallagher and Mc Laughlin....
they're rolling over on the whole damn city council!

Why do you think those two
got off so easily?

Right! They cut a deal!

It's far too much of a coincidence that so many heads are rolling so soon after both of their trials!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Parkside got a contract for $60,000 from Brian's Central Labor Council in 2006 for pubic policy and legislation.

What did McLaughlin already an assemblyman and head of the NY Central Labor Council pay Parkside to lobby what he already controlled esp with the money Central Labor gives to Assemblymembers?

Remember McLaughlin pleaded guilty to getting kickbacks from a little league which he funded with member items.

Brian pleaded guilty from taking kickbacks from unions, member items and everwhere. Who thinks Parkside had a role?

Anonymous said...

All these crooks in our government, handing out our tax dollars-- WTF is up with that? We pay a buttload of taxes and have a right to expect them to go to essential services, not a million special interests. This is crap, I say!