Tuesday, May 20, 2008

70% of cops at pct. forced to moonlight

A shocking 70 percent of cops at a typical Brooklyn station house are illegally moonlighting night and day - clocking grueling hours and jeopardizing their performance on the job.


In an investigation of the 70th Precinct in Kensington, Brooklyn, The Post found cops working 30 days per month at a second job, many clocking 160 extra hours a month, and one who admits to sneaking naps in a squad car because he's so exhausted from his second gig.

The officers are defying the NYPD's strict limits on outsidework hours, meant to keep cops from falling down on the job, in order to supplement salaries that in many cases are as low as $32,700 annually.

Now they are getting a retroactive raise, which is good for them, and bad for us.


Taxpayer said...

Easy Prediction: The Commissar will set out to savage those cops and the brass in that precinct for exposing his dangerous attitude towards police.

Then he will wage war on cops throughout NYPD who have to work extra to raise a family.

The cops will extract retribution by accepting the generous and very attractive offers from all over the nation to join police forces.

It will take another, actually intelligent, mayor to repair the damage - which will include an unprecedented crime rate increase.

These are all the natural outcome of the Commissar's failed management.

Anonymous said...

A raise with the givebacks mandated by PERB is no raise at all.

Rookie cops have to give up vacation days and scheduling flexibility for their 'raise.' PD's piss poor recruiting will not improve and they will still have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for new hires.

You get the police force you pay for.

Anonymous said...

If these were 109th PCT cops,
they'd be moonlighting
for some Asian madams as
security guards in their
"massage parlors".