Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bloomberg losing his temper (and mind)

For more than six years, Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr. and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg have enjoyed a warm relationship. So when the councilor spotted the mayor outside City Hall on a recent sunny morning, he greeted him amiably, shook his hand, and turned to go on his way.

As Term Wanes, Bloomberg’s Temper Boils Up

There was no indication that the mayor was about to explode.

“What’s this I hear about you objecting to that power plant?” Mr. Bloomberg, who usually keeps his business private, barked out.

“He kept raising his voice. ‘What’s the matter with you? You know we need the power,’ ” Mr. Vallone, from Queens, recalled the mayor saying. “Then he finally just screamed something about not moving it.”

...several current and former officials say the public is just now getting a sustained look at the impatience and occasional anger that Mr. Bloomberg, a self-made billionaire unused to answering to any authority higher than his own, feels toward those who would stand in his way or challenge his motives. “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it,” Mr. Vallone said of Mr. Bloomberg’s mood.

And the national publications have noticed that things aren't as great in this city as our mayor would like us to believe: Bloom off the Rose


Anonymous said...

I've changed my mind.

Bum-berg isn't an aristocratic Marie Antoinette trans sexual suffering from PMS.

He's way past that now.

Mayor Midget's bitchy behavior
indicates he's entered the realm of municipal menopause...mood swings,
temper tantrums and all!

He's through, finished, kaput...
with his dillusionary visions,
"golden legacy" all atomized!

He'll only be remembered as another wealthy, spoiled, aloof, aristocratic brat who couldn't get his way!

When you screw with the middle class (who invented the concept of cities) exhibiting nothing but contempt for them and ignore the quality of life issues... you have passed sentence on yourself.

Dumb-berg will, no doubt, continue to make millions until Gabriel
blows his horn.

Fine, if that's all that he ever wanted.

But I believe he wanted more and let it slip right through his fingers.

Now he's left with
looking at the shriveled fruit of his harvest.

It's really all very sad!

verdi said...

That's what happens when NYC
has a monarch instead of a mayor!

Taxpayer said...

As the Reverend Wright says: "The chickens have come home to roosssssst".

This spoiled little turtle-faced, dwarf sized, Dear Leader Commissar's schemes are failing because of his disbelief in democracy.

The US Attorney is crawling up his ass, as is DOI (the Commissar's own underlings), the Summary Judicial Inquiry, the 58 women whose babies he wanted killed (to "maintain" profitability), and just plain Little People are waking up gradually to his plans.

Use of eminent domain, Stalinesque development, travel control, earnings confiscation, downsizing of police and fire protection (while having his own tax-paid, well armed security) and his famous disdain for working people and their hopes and dreams - all these are now so evident to all and the revulsion is setting in.

His management of city agencies is a deadly business: DOB, DOH, ACS, Police, Fire. schools for starters.

Instead of a thriving middle class, he wants this city populated by massive numbers of uneducated, lawbreaking illegal aliens, whose only option is to become the servant (slave) class to him and his idle wealthy pals.

When this loutish fellow is gone, (A) will we miss him? (B) what will he have left behind? (C) what will it cost and how long will it take to repair all the damage?

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Patterson gets that 13% income tax on top earners through.

Then Bloomberg will probably move his domicile to his Bermuda mansion and leave us alone.

Good Riddance!

Anonymous said...

What will be his legacy?

--Vastly improved schools? Nah.

--Jets Stadium on West Side? Shot down; the West Side Yards project has been revived but for how long?

--New Penn Station-MSG? Developmental/political limbo. Ditto the Glittering Palace of Trains on Bway and Fulton.

--Atlantic Yards? Nobody wants it, apparently, but Marty, Bloomie and Bruce.

--2nd Avenue subway? This has beaten several mayors before him and is in serious doubt now.

--Olympics? he lost.

--Ground Zero? Sl-o-o-o-wly happening. At this rate it'll be done in 2100.

--Rampant overdevelopment in the 'outer boroughs'? Check.

I'd say he's kept crime under control and ran a smooth RNC convention, though all those people ran in for basically walking down the streets, or peacefully protesting in the vicinity of MSG would disagree.


chris mcshea said...

he's pissed because he's not getting willets point as easy as he thought . screw him and his parkside bottle fed babies. long live property rights,go willets point boys make mike frown

Anonymous said...

Now maybe you're finally getting the picture you megalomaniac midget!

like the tantrum throwing tyrant
of Bloomberg Inc.!!!

Too bad they don't still hang traitors...
eh... Mr. Political Cartoonist
(ha, ha, ha)?

Well, scrap that idea.

City hall park would wind up looking like one endless clothesline of crooks hanging by their ears right next to the
Nathan Hale statue.
(Hale was hanged by the British
as an American spy, lest anyone
forget their history lessons).

Anonymous said...

Are your ears burnin' Mayor Mike...
getting your daily popularity reports on "Queens Crap" from your blog-watching stooges?

G'won....kick the davenport with your Gucci loafers and get it out of your system brat boy!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think his legacy will be anti-smoking in nature.

Anonymous said...

I like Mike. (I should put that on a button.) He does a fantastic job of running the city.

Bloomberg's approval record is at a near record high 74% and consistently leads the list when New Yorkers are asked whom they would like to see elected Mayor in 2009.

Depsite the narrow agenda of the people on this blog, if he ran for any office in NYC he would win it in a landslide. You guys are clearly in the minority.

Anonymous said...

What brand of "tobacco"
have you been putting in your pipe last poster?

You're way out of touch with
Bum'berg's poplarity score!

Is that you Evan/Parkside
"Gucci-facci"-ing the facts again?

Anonymous said...

Leave it to an anonymous developer
to kiss Bloomberg's bum
with such enthusiastic exuberance!

And what do you do when it comes
to "lip service" for hizzoner?

I see, you just spin him around!

Anonymous said...

You call Q.C. "narrow minded".

We call it shrewd, on target media,
specializing in surgical strikes!

Anonymous said...

The facts don't lie, although many of crapper readers don't like to hear the truth. It hurts their ears and sends them running like a roach when you turn on the lights.


Bloomberg came into office shortly after September 11, at a time when many believed that businesses would flee, and New York might never recover. Bloomberg's administration not only restored confidence in New York City for businesses, residents, and tourists, it enacted policies and programs that allowed the city to flourish. Bloomberg administration will be remebered for its innovative proposals, focus on improving New Yorkers' collective quality of life, and fiscal responsibility.

Bloomberg was reelected in 2005 by a landslide margin and has enjoyed approval ratings of approximately 70 percent for much of his second term. In its "enthusiastic" endorsement during Bloomberg's reelection campaign, The New York Times praised his record of accomplishment and speculated that, "he may be remembered as one of the greatest mayors in New York history."

Still need more proof:


Go ahead accuse me a being a developer - I just 70% of NYers are developers as well.

CJ said...

May 23 2007 Are you kidding???!!

Before slush fund disclosers.
Before Willits Point land grab.
Before Atlantic Yard and Westside debacle.
Before thirteen related construction deaths, a crane collapse and corruption disclosed in the DOB and the resignation of the commissioner.
Before St. Saviours, and Ridgewood Reservoir development fiasco.
Craping on the boroughs by selling out to special interests (developers). Especially Queens.
Shall I go on?

Let's take that poll again and see how far he's slipped. And look again a year from now and see how his legacy survives.
It just took us a little longer to catch up with the truth about him.

Anonymous said...

CJ you are a fool. All the things that you mentioned have been in the works for years and haven't made a dent in the mayor's popularity. But since you want more recent proof go here:


I quote: "Mayor Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile, has a 70 - 22 percent approval rating, down from 75 - 17 percent March 12. In 30 months of Quinnipiac University polls, Bloomberg's approval has dropped below 70 percent - to 69 percent - just once."

This was from two weeks ago. Now what excuse will you find??? Like the roaches when the lights come on... Keep on running...

Anonymous said...

It's got to be Parkside or
Commish Nazli of the CAU
who's counter posting here
on taxpayers' time .

Got your goat....eh?

Who else would write such lengthy
semi-pro drivel expecting people to dwell in awe on every "precious"word.

You're FOB (full of bull)
guys or gals!

Anonymous said...

Don't try and mess with our heads
you desperate spin doctors!

is as popular as the plague!

Anonymous said...

otherwise you wouldn't be trying
so hard to convince our readers otherwise!

We know by where the URLs originate from that city hall scopes this blog.

Anonymous said...

As do hundreds multiplied by hundreds of citizens also do, no doubt.

I guess that's why the pols
don't like the refreshingly direct honesty of "Queens Crap".

Tune in tomorrow...
same time...same station!

Anonymous said...

Stop trying to hack into my system
Mayor Mike.

Iv'e got a Mac G4 packed with
the latest super anti spy software!
(I've already caught you
knocking at my back door at least twice).

Anyway there's no real need.

I'd be glad to tell you
"you suck" in person...
2 inches from your nose
if you'd only grant me an audience
your highness
(not with one of your CAU lackeys)!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! Do you realize how silly you all sound? You are ranting about how NY is close to over throw Mike due to his failings and when I point out that you are wrong you put you head in the sand. The truth hurts doesn't it. You ears must be ringing with pain. Only 2 explainations for this:

1) You chose to ignore the fact because they don't support your agenda. Dangerous...
2) You are too stupid to admit that you are wrong. Also very scary.

Regardless of how you feel about him Mayor Mike is one of the most popular mayors in the history of NY. Queens Crap readers are the fringe players who will always be on the outside looking in. Never affecting real change because they hold onto a narrow agenda that no one supports but them.

Go ahead call me a developer( not true), or politician (also not true).

No reason for the witch hunt. I'll tell you who I am. I'm just one of the millions of New Yorkers representing his 70% approval rating who appreciate and support what he has done for the city. You can find us on the subway, living next door to you, and on the streets. No need for exotic conspiracy storys.

Bloomberg in '09!

Queens Crapper said...

Bloomberg in '09? For what? he's out on his ass with his legacy in tatters.

Anonymous said...

Their statistics are flawed.

"From April 30 - May 5, Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,790 New York City registered voters, with a margin of error of +/- 2.3 percentage points."

They aren't surveying all NYers, just registered voters. And if you look at the breakdown of the boroughs, Manhattanites tilted the results in favor of a higher average approval rating. Of course Manhattanites will love Bloomberg. He recreated the entire
borough in his image and takes good care of his neighbors.

Queens Crapper said...

Take a good look at just the Queens stats.

January 2007: Approval rating in Queens: 75%
May 2008: Approval rating in Queens: 68%

Looks like Queens Crap readers represent the growing number of dissatisfied voters in our borough. But go on with the delusional thinking that everyone loves him.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the spin zone! The spin zone is where 68% approval ratings = wide spread disatisfaction among voters and where polls are "flawed." Keep spinning guys. Bloomberg would win a relection held today in a landslide. New York loves Bloomberg. I know it burns you up, why not just admit that instead of making youself look silly by clinging to the idea that there is a Bloomberg backlash. You will feel so much better after you do. Bloomberg for VP in '09!

John McCain said...

Yes, Bloomberg for Obama's VP! Because every state where the 2nd amendment is valued will vote for me instead.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Spin Zone, he dropped 7 points in a poll of a borough that supported him overwhelmingly in the last election because he promised downzoning. He failed to deliver on his promise. That doesn't sit well with voters who are watching as the man they trusted allows developers to ravage their communities.

Queens Crapper said...

I can't help but notice that every time a pro-Bloomberg comment is posted, this IP address shows up:

City Of New York: